“Dirty Mind” (feat. Sin Knight) by Aerautic – Official Music Video

The “Dirty Mind” music video has landed. Special thanks to the crew that helped make it happen with some cool and psychedelic style. It’s the first music video I’ve ever had to direct and edit (mostly it’s just one or the other, or camera work), and as with many beginnings, it will neither be my best, certainly not my last.

Special shout out to Emvy Records, Sin Knight, Nickalas Jojola (Aerautic), the production team working with Heartless Media Productions, and Lance over at Czars 505 in St. Joseph, Michigan for allowing us to completely take over the bar/club for multiple hours to make this possible. Also, as a final shout out, I’d like to welcome Chelsea Nevill in her debut on the professional video scene. She’s somebody I think we’re all going to see a lot more of in the future, so look out for that.

Did you like the song? You can connect with EMVY Records using the resources below. They also have a variety of songs that you can stream from Sound Cloud that are actually very good. I’ve gone ahead and embedded a couple of them below. Sin Knight has some slick rhymes. Enjoy!


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Aerautic – Dirty Mind feat. Sin Knight (Official Music Video)

Connect with Emvy Records:
Like Emvy Records on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/14AePLe
Follow Emvy Records on Twitter: http://bit.ly/10S7HJI
Listen to more music on SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/12wrg8D

Produced by Heartless Media Productions LLC

Directed by: Charlie Pryor – http://cpry.net/charliepryor
Produced by: Johnathan Hart – http://on.fb.me/14TtaC8
Assistant Director: Thomas Seffernick – http://on.fb.me/12Y0DtJ
Director of Photography: Charlie Pryor – http://cpry.net/CPyoutube
Camera Op: John Bundick – http://bit.ly/8bwhtW
Lighting and Grip: Christopher Vang – http://on.fb.me/12Y0pmv
Production Assistant: PA Nikk Danford
Production Assistant: Janette St. Bernard
Still Photographer: Janette St. Bernard
Hair and makeup: Anthony Thompson
Hair Assistant: Tacy hart

Editing and VFX by: Charlie Pryor – http://cpry.net/CPyoutube

Chelsea Nevill: http://cpry.net/ChelseaNevill
Chasity Foss
Tacy Hart

Special Thanks to:
Czars 505: http://czars.com/
Hart Heating and Air: http://hartheatingandair.com/
Mark Lausman
Michael Eisenhart

Pryor Media

Desperado Productions

Charlie Pryor

Charlie is a media producer, writer, and a traveler. He grew up in Michigan, all of his life and attended Grand Valley State University for a B.S. in Film and Video Production. He's married to a wonderful woman named Hang, and simply hopes to one day turn himself into a man that many will remember long after he's gone.

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