Heartless People In Faroe Islands Kill Hundreds Of Dolphins With Hooks (GRUESOME IMAGES)


You come across these stories sometimes. These stories of terrible acts carried out by vicious humans with no remorse for innocent life. Most of the times, you see these acts on the television, as part of a movie or crime drama. Fictional scripts created for the purposes of entertainment. This is not one of those stories, sadly. Heartless People In Faroe Islands Kill Hundreds of Dolphins with hooks. An entire town takes part in this annual event. They do this every year people. Every, single, year.

whole town of heartless monsters

They actually celebrate this shit… the entire town gets involved.

In fact this is so much of an event, that the people act quickly when the opportunity arises, being allowed to get out of work, or get our of school early for the sake at a chance to destroy these helpless, peaceful, friendly creatures. There is no remorse; in fact quite the opposite. Many of these participants are young people, doing this “to be men.” This is Faroe Island, and this is the picture of their “whale hunt.” It’s more like a monstrous trap for the creatures really. There’s very little “sport” in this. Real hunters wouldn’t even consider this a legit hunt.

dolphin killers1

Lining them up for the slaughter

The whale hunt has been a part of the Faroe Island culture for hundreds of years. Supporters of the hunt claim that this is merely an “age-old communal, noncommercial hunt aimed at meeting the community’s need for whale meat and blubber.” Perhaps the United States should move in and destroy their town and violent traditions… you know, to maintain our noncommercial need for some fucking justice in the world.

They also claim that the hunts are done humanely, and that all deaths are swift and painless. Really people? Is that why you use HOOKS in their backs?

According to the official site of these disgusting people, Faroe Islands whaling site, such hunts unfold as follows:

Whale drives only take place when a school of pilot whales is sighted close to land, which is most often from a local fishing boat or ferry, and when sea and weather conditions make it possible. This can take place at any time of the year, but catches are most common in July and August when the days are long and the weather is more stable. Notice of the school is sent to the elected whaling officials and to the district administrator (sýslumaður) responsible for the whale drive, and is spread as widely and quickly as possible in the local community so that enough people and boats can join in the drive. Employers usually make allowances for members of their staff to take time off during whale drives.

The boats gather in a wide semicircle behind the whales and slowly and quietly begin to drive them towards the chosen authorised bay. On the whaling foreman’s signal, loose stones and stones attached to lines are thrown into the water behind the whales, helping to herd the whales towards the beach where they become stranded. According to the regulations, any group of whales which cannot be beached in this manner must be driven out to sea again.

A crucial factor in ensuring an effective whale drive is the organisation of participants, both in boats and on shore, in addition to prevailing weather and tidal conditions during driving and beaching. The spontaneous nature of a whale drive requires swift mobilisation of manpower to drive and kill a group of large wild animals quickly. Whale drives are only initiated when whales are sighted by chance close to land.

Faroese animal welfare legislation, which also applies to whaling, requires that animals are killed as quickly and with as little suffering as possible. Whales are killed on the shore and in the shallows of bays especially authorised for the purpose. A regulation spinal lance must be used to sever the spinal cord, which also severs the major blood supply to the brain, ensuring both loss of consciousness and death within seconds. This, in addition to the supplementary use of the traditional whaling knife, if necessary, is the most efficient and humane means of killing beached pilot whales safely, with many participants involved at the same time.

In recent years, two new items of equipment have been developed and formally approved and required as standard equipment. The blow-hole hook used to secure the whales causes no injury prior to slaughter and is now widely used. The spinal lance has now also been introduced as the preferred standard equipment for killing pilot whales. It has been shown to reduce killing time to 1-2 seconds while also improving accuracy and safety (see also under Whaling and animal welfare). The Faroes participate actively in the work of the NAMMCO Committee on Hunting Methods, where veterinary experts and experienced hunters from different countries share information and work to develop best practices for the humane killing of marine mammals.

red water

Red water… like you’ve never wanted to see before.

When will something, or someone, stop these people? The animals are killed by the hundreds in a very short time, staining the water red from the massacre. Naturally friendly, the animals do not fear people. Perhaps that’s their only mistake. I only wish I could inform their entire species of what most of us have already known: You cannot trust people. Humans are not trustworthy creatures.

with powerboats it isnt tradition

Yeah… real sportsmen do this shit, right?

It is far from painless as well. According to the article, the dolphins can be heard screaming from the pain, like large groups of children crying out for help. The people drive the dolphins to the beach to meet their deaths using large numbers of powerboats.

I ask that you all speak out against this devastating display of human cruelty, and tell everyone about this horrible group of people, and this horrible country that allows them to do it unchecked, unpunished, and fully rewarded. Spread this information (I don’t care which site you do it with, or where you write it) and bring these monsters to justice.

inhumain with no remorse

Look at his face… it’s as if he hates it. This is NOT a painless death.

Charlie Pryor

Charlie is a media producer, writer, and a traveler. He grew up in Michigan, all of his life and attended Grand Valley State University for a B.S. in Film and Video Production. He's married to a wonderful woman named Hang, and simply hopes to one day turn himself into a man that many will remember long after he's gone.

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1 Response

  1. Some things I have to point out about the largely fake and hugely insulting and offensive Chinese article

    1. It claims that the Faroe Islands are in Denmark.
    False. They are in the North Atlantic, north of Scotland.

    2. It claims that the Faroese kills "calderon dolphins"
    False. There is no such thing as species named "calderon dophins". The Faroese hunts pilot whales, which is a small whale.

    3. It claims that the Faroese kills "dolphins" (pilot whales) to prove manhood.
    False. They kill them for the meat, which is eaten by very many.

    4. It claims that the "dolphins" (pilot whales) are "cut 1, 2 or 3 times"
    False. According to Faroese animal welfare laws, it has to be carried out with 1 clean cut. The hooks, which today has to be blunt and NOT sharp (according to Faroese animal welfare legislation), are only used to bring the whales ashore in the blowhole. The killing is done with a clean cut.

    5. It claims that the "dolphins" (pilot whales) produce a grim cry like a little child.
    False. They dont have vocal cords, so they dont scream or make any sounds

    6. It claims that the "dolphins" (pilot whales)comes there to play with them.
    False. Pilot whales does not play with people, they simply migrate through the Faroe Islands. A hunt may start if they are spotted by someone.

    7. It claims the "dolphins" (pilot whales) are near extinction
    False. Pilot whales are not even endangered. Infact one of the most common whale species.

    8. It claims they are not killed instantly.
    False. They are killed instantly, in accordance to Faroese animal welfare legislation

    9. It claims the hunt of the "dolphins" (pilot whales) is a celebration.
    False. Its not a celebration, its a common hunt that can happen at any time.

    10. It claims that mos of the participants are "young teens".
    False. The participants are of all ages from young adult to old, and they have to be approved by authorities before taking part in such a hunt.

    11. It claims the "dolphins" (pilot whales) slowly dies in their own blood.
    False. They die very quickly, usually takes around 10 seconds.

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