This Is the First Hacker To Hack the Human Body

On this episode of “Things I Learned Today,” I learned about a man named Tim Cannon, an aspiring cyborg who’s begun the process of hacking into his body in hopes to enhance it. Cannon placed a large computer chip into his arm to hack the human body, and is now communicating with the chip wirelessly via bluetooth.

The American Medical Association frowns upon modifying the body in any way that is considered unnatural (or unpleasing to others, obviously seeing as breast augmentation and other forms of plastic surgery are apparently fine somehow), and what Cannon has done is not medically approved. The procedure was done in Germany, by Steve Haworth, a “flesh engineer” that has been doing body augmentations for over 20 years. He is not, however, an actual doctor.

Tim also did the process “raw dog” (without any anesthetics).

The hope is that the process will give him further insight into his own body, so that he can monitor his vital signs and other information such as his level of stress, and turn that data into something usable in the future to improve his life. Tim states that he’s wanted to be a robot since he was a kid, and believes that the human body has too many flaws to not at least attempt fixing them. He plans to do this in any way he can, including turning himself into a cyborg.

If you’d like the full story, check out the coverage by Motherboard down below.

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Charlie Pryor

Charlie is a media producer, writer, and a traveler. He grew up in Michigan, all of his life and attended Grand Valley State University for a B.S. in Film and Video Production. He's married to a wonderful woman named Hang, and simply hopes to one day turn himself into a man that many will remember long after he's gone.

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3 Responses

  1. Starr Mayes says:

    You learn really big things Charlie Pryor!!!!! I just learned that a friend of mine has cancer, and that is just about all I can absorb today. However, I'll tune in everyday to CP, Things I learned Today, because I really enjoy it! Thanks Charlie.

  2. I love it Charlie. I want one, but I want it placed where I can't see it.

  3. Donna Rae Burton Sizemore says:

    Strange. But I don't get how it actually works. I can understand how it might be able to read your pulse but your blood pressure? It doesn't look like it has leads into your arteries so, once again, I don't get how it works. And, no, I did not watch the video above. Maybe if I did it would explain a little more. Maybe later.
    I need to pay more attention to what I am learning throughout the day. Because I am sure I learned something but right now I can't remember what.

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