Spirit Airlines Flight: Guy Yells Claiming Bomb on an Airplane (Video)

Allow me to start this off by saying that I believe hes probably not completely right in the head. There’s clearly some psychiatric issues that need addressed here, and I hope he gets the care he needs. That being said… I can understand if he ends up in trouble as a result of yelling that ¬†have a bomb on an airplane.

According to passengers who were on the flight, taken from a few comments from the YouTube video, the guy apparently started going crazy out of nowhere yelling that he had a bomb, and that he would blow it up. Obviously this freaked out the passengers quite a bit, especially since there were children (and their parents, clearly) on the plane with the guy. News stations report that he was also throwing things at passengers, and demanding that Atlanta Police meet him at the gate (which was already going to happen the moment he yelled about a bomb).

All got quiet for a little while as the plane pulled up to the gate, and the man appeared to calm down. That is, of course, until Police boarded the plane to approach the guy (which is where this video begins). The man was eventually subdued and taken off the plane. The flight attendants and the pilot reassured the people that they would be taking off shortly, apologized for that episode, and thanked them for their cooperation. Obviously, there wasn’t any bomb on the plane, otherwise this story would be a lot different.

It’s been reported that no official charges have been filed against him, and he’s currently receiving a psych evaluation at a hospital. All I gotta say is, that would really get my blood pumping to see something like that. Kudos to this guy for getting it on video, although perhaps a better phone would be better. I mean, come on dude… 240p? That’s so 1990.

Charlie Pryor

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