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Hello, my name is Charlie Pryor, and I’m the owner and founder of HotTips! LLC and Pryor Media. For the past 8 years, I’ve been dedicating time to providing people from all over the state of Michigan with excellent service and a quality product that exceeds their expectations. What makes me unique is my attitude and dedication to quality. In many cases photo and videographers see their work as a job, or the client as a source for money. They look at the project like it’s something that will pay them.

Yes, while that is true, I look at every production as if it were something I was paying for. You see, the person you hire needs to care about your project just as much as you do. How else do you expect the results to live up to your expectations? Your goals should be my goals. That’s just how it is.

If you’d like an example of my personality, I was the co-founder and host of a web show called The OS. While the show itself didn’t last very long, you can see me ONLINE HERE. I also do cool walkthroughs for the tech community on my company blog channel, which can be found ONLINE HERE. I like teaching people things, and sharing information.



Need a website for your company? I’m your man! I’ve all but mastered social media, and know the ins and outs of every major network in existance (well, not MySpace… perhaps I should have said all that actually matter). On top of that marketing brands and public relations online is a strong suit, and while I won’t accept offers to represent you online, I can help you improve your own image and self-representation.

I’ve built and currently maintain a number of websites around the web. I look for unique design, but I won’t sacrifice function for the end user. I understand that it isn’t the flashiest websites that are most successful, but the ones that make everything simplistic and elegant for the end user. Some people like a lot of flashy effects. It looks nice right? Does it help you get sales though? Not often. The key is getting sales, and I’m a man that understand exactly that in regards to design and media integration. If you want somebody to give you art and over-the-top creativity, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m sorry.

If you want solid return on investment with a friendly and snappy user experience… now you’re in the right place.

Want to manage product inventory online? No problem. Need a website with a simple checkout solution that accepts credit cards and/or PayPal? Got it. How about a support forum so you can easily direct your customers to frequent questions and answers from others who use your product? Boy I bet that would save you money on support phone calls huh?

You can see an example of a website currently managed by Pryor Media by clicking here. It’s a tech blog with over 50,000 unique hits per month.

I can offer full management services, or I can simply build it, and teach you step-by-step how to make your own changes! Now I know what you’re thinking… “If you teach me, what will I need to pay you for?”


How many other maintenance type services do you know that will actually teach you how to do the job yourself, and save you money? I bet you don’t need a second hand to count them. Bottom line, I just want you to be happy after hiring me, and I’m a big fan of efficiency. Knowing how to do it yourself is far cheaper and far more efficient than constantly calling me. Now, don’t get me wrong here, it does cost money to train you if you need it, and I’ll still be available for support when you need it, but it’s nowhere near the amount of money you’ll spend on having an editor make the corrections for you! Some developers even charge by the page! That’s so 20th century! I’ll show you how to make it all come to life, and you won’t even need to know code! Brilliant! VISIT PRYOR MEDIA TO LEARN MORE


Aside from web services, I’m available to do all types of video projects, from commercials, to promotional videos, to webcasts, series programming, tutorial videos and more.

Recently, I graduated with a Bachelors in Film/Video Production from Grand Valley State University. While in school, I engaged clients with several different types of services that helped them achieve their goals, obtain a desired image, or even sell their products online. What makes it possible, is having the right tools, genuine interest in art and purpose, and of course, the experience and knowledge to pull it all together. As further reinforcement of my knowledge, I was also a lab instructor (TA) for video editing suites for three consecutive semesters, and received excellent feedback from the experience. I’m currently leading a team of 8 students at GVSU to produce a DOCUMENTARY FILM ABOUT A CUBA TRIP.


Here’s a preview of my upcoming feature-film, due to be released 2014:


Commercial Video is one element of my experience. Aside from working on film productions and working in the crew of high-budget union commercial productions, I also freelance to create promotional video content that is distributed online to promote clients’ images.

The following is a preview of F.U.B.A.R, an independently produced film here in Michigan that’s currently in post-production. This was used to gather funding for the project on Indiegogo.


Here’s an example of a promotional video I made for Fox Buick GMC in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They loved it!



Need a different approach? Here’s a bit of awesomeness that played on television and the local theaters advertising a haunted house!


I’ve also produced a couple of web series in the past, but this one in particular (which didn’t last long) was mostly my favorite. Due to time restrictions and budget, I wasn’t able to continue it, but I loved collaborating with people around the internet to make this work. All the footage was submitted from people around the country over the internet, and then edited together in a single day to upload to the web. Aside from recording the raw footage for all clips, I did everything for this series.

But… as time went on, there were too many scheduling and budget conflicts to keep it going.

These are just a couple examples that are are available online. No matter what you’re looking for, I’ve got the experience and equipment to make it happen! I’m also ready to go for any photography jobs you need as well, and I’ll always beat any other professional service’s prices. That’s a promise!

Want to know more? Visit PRYOR MEDIA. You can also contact me any number of ways!


Oh, and PS: I’ve got some film industry experience. Hollywood too. IMDb HERE

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