Long Time No See


It’s been quite a while since my last post here on this blog… and there is a GREAT reason for that… I didn’t feel like writing!

Okay, actually I’ve been really busy and didn’t want to sacrifice the time for other things. Now I’ve got a few minutes between classes.


I’ve just completed arguably the most writing piece I have ever done, and I feel pretty good about that. Normally, when I write a short little story or whatever I comes naturally and I can, for the most part, breeze right through it with only minor setbacks.

This time, however, it was completely different. There was a much greater attention paid to details, story, and flow then I’ve ever paid before. The writing needed to be perfect not only because it was an assignment, but because I really wanted it to be. It needed to introduce characters, a small story, with critical descriptions and detail to truly ground the reader. It needed to be relatable to people, but also needed to walk them through something that they perhaps have never experienced before. I believe, with my hours upon hours of critiquing it, managed to do a decent job, and hopefully earn an “A” on it.

In other news, I’m really really really wishing I had more money! I know I know everybody wants more green in their lives, but I have a specific purpose that I really want to put it into. Let’s give a hypothetical… how would I spend $1,000?

The smart man would take that “extra money” and put it away in a retirement account or 401k or whatever. Invest it… sounds like a plan, sure… but I have things in my immediate future that I want; Vietnam being one of those things. So I couldn’t really invest much of it.

The second thing I SHOULD do with it is pay off my computer, or at least partially. Now, this is something I will devote SOME of it too, but not all. In fact, a small portion ($300) would go toward that. So… what about the remaining $700?

That’s easy. $140 pays off PayPal completely, making me debt free except for school, computer, and car. The remaining $560 goes into my “Vietnam account” which essentially is an account aside from my main checking account. I put all my side money in there, so that it doesn’t get spent with the debit card (although I almost always transfer money out of it when I need it).

Now I’m just blabbing.. but yeah, I suppose I’m allowed to do that here. stay tuned for my next blab session, coming soon to a computer screen near you! :D

Charlie Pryor

Charlie is a media producer, writer, and a traveler. He grew up in Michigan, all of his life and attended Grand Valley State University for a B.S. in Film and Video Production. He's married to a wonderful woman named Hang, and simply hopes to one day turn himself into a man that many will remember long after he's gone.

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