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A Few Cool Places We Went In Vegas (Photos)

Las Vegas simply has too much stuff to really cover it all in a few days. It would likely take a month in the city to really experience everything… maybe more. We did see nice...


Vlog #4: I’ve Got To Get Out Of College

So I’m back from Cuba now, and the first week of classes has been a mess of indecision. I’ve switched classes, dropped, then picked back up, and then dumped them again. I’ve purchased only one...


Moments In Cuba: Is The Water Safe To Drink?

One thing we were informed about Cuba was that it’s a humid place, and that we should drink more water than normal to stay hydrated, especially when being active. For the duration of our stay...


Moments In Cuba: The Man With The Huge Cigar

Around the tourist parts of the Cuban streets, we noticed many people doing a variety of odd things in public in the hopes that people would give them a bit of money for the entertainment...


The Beginning Of A Fantastic Journey To Cuba

Riding On A Bus To Toronto Takes A Long Time. We took a really long trip to Toronto on January 3rd, stopping only a few times for a snack and bathroom breaks. The drive was...

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