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Packed Up and Ready to Roll! 2

Packed Up and Ready to Roll!

We’re all packed up for the trip to Vietnam! It took a little while to get everything around (Hang’s took much longer than mine, but with good reason), and now that all that has been...

In It For the Long Haul: College Doesn’t Always Teach You Things… 0

In It For the Long Haul: College Doesn’t Always Teach You Things…

Every day I think about my school debt, I get a little more pissed inside. The fact that I’ll be paying off a rather large 5-figure number for about 10 years of my adult life for something that I honestly don’t feel benefited me nearly enough simply invigorates me. Why do I have to go to college for this again? Granted, I likely adapted to some skills that were suggested by my education, and I do often find myself using some skills that were learned from class projects again and again. But how much of this was unattainable without schooling?

Opportunity: The Story of Perfect Timing… Kinda. 1

Opportunity: The Story of Perfect Timing… Kinda.

For well over a year now, I’ve been working part-time at a car dealership North of Grand Rapids, MI. Although the job is generally quite easily, and very flexible, it doesn’t present the opportunity to work very much. This part time job pays a dollar above minimum wage, and cuts off at under 25 hours per week. Hardly the opportunity for financial growth.


Vietnam: T-minus 23 Days and Counting…

I’m very excited, and actually quite freaked out as well. I have no idea what to expect, since literally everything that happens will be new to me, including the airport security, and flying in general. Most people would be a bit surprised to read that I’ve never flown before. Never even been inside an airplane even. No helicopters or hot air balloons. I’ve never shot myself out of a cannon, or tied 1,300 balloons to my house and floated to South America. The closest I’ve been to flying, is jumping really high on a trampoline.


Fox Buick GMC: Truly Exceptional (Promo)

Fox Buick GMC is a dealership on Alpine avenue in Comstock Park, Michigan. This promotional piece was done to help shed some light on the personal touch this dealership has with customers, and why people...

Hakuna Matata: Because It Doesn’t Matter How A Person Feels 0

Hakuna Matata: Because It Doesn’t Matter How A Person Feels

I’m feeling really good today. Things are starting to come together with school as they start to come to a close. My final project has a location locked in now (cause I was worried about that), and although it’s not going to be as good as the western I helped make yesterday, it’ll get done anyways. I essentially just need to complete two papers, which should take no more than 5 or 6 hours total of my time, and then finish off a promo video for my Independent Study. Then, I’ll be totally done with this semester, leaving all my problems with Grand Valley behind me for a little while.

“Venting” Is Unnecessary, and Contagious 0

“Venting” Is Unnecessary, and Contagious

Venting about stuff is contagious by nature. If you take a moment to think about that, you’ll come to the same conclusion I have, because the person on the receiving end of a “vent” from another, always goes and vents later. It may not be about the same thing, but more than you think, it’s simply about the vent that was initially placed. It’s a cycle really, but it’s a reliable cycle.

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