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The Day I Helped Film A Western! 0

The Day I Helped Film A Western!

I shouldn’t have stayed up until almost 4:00am when I knew I had to meet at the school at 8:40am. When we all did end up meeting at the school, the weather was horrible. There was 30mph winds, and we actually drove the entire way to Muskegon through snow and tiny hail. It wasn’t looking good for being able to pull off a video taking place in the ol’ west.

How to Make a Beer Stronger, and Taste Yummy at the Same Time. 0

How to Make a Beer Stronger, and Taste Yummy at the Same Time.

Today, I was introduced to a new mixture of beverage. I went to Meijer with Kyle, and he told me about this drink involving one shot of Amaretto and a beer. Now while you wouldn’t think such combinations of opposing forces would bind together to form a heavenly creation in this day and age, I stand before you a man representing such brilliance, and I speak to you now just as amazed as you will be when you try it.


Frustration: The Story of Indian Call Centers.

Everytime I get a small problem with a company, I call them. I don’t go through their website for help all of the time (on some things I do), or attempt to get help via email (waste of time). I want to call them. When I do make the phone call in this amazing 21st Century world, I expect two things to happen: I expect to get a robot talking in my ear, and I expect to hear a person within a reasonable time.

Vietnam Is Almost a Month Away!! 0

Vietnam Is Almost a Month Away!!

Am I nervous? You bet your ass I am! It’s bound to be an exciting journey to lands unseen (at least by my eyes). I have a lot of hopes for this trip, and a lot of worries. For the most part, all of my worries can be condensed into two groups… Money and Impression.

What School “Could” Do For Me – The Story Of A Film Major 0

What School “Could” Do For Me – The Story Of A Film Major

As a film major in college, I rarely think about what my future could be like, as far as finding a job later. The concept of “finding a job” really doesn’t appeal to me much, since I figure I’d rather create something than create somebody else’s stuff. Bottom line though, is that I’m going to have to suck it up, and just do it.


Missing the Good Old Days

What plays within my mind so often these days is “what am I going to do when I grow up?” Seems like a simple question to most seniors in college, but actually this question is quite difficult. I have many ideas, but I’m by far sure of what’s to come.

College Feels Like A Waste… Of Life. 0

College Feels Like A Waste… Of Life.

No seriously though. I believe, that school has mostly been a complete waste of time and money. The educational system in this country seems more oriented into getting money than anything else. I thought it was educating young minds and expanding the overall abilities of young people. Looks more like educating themselves to expand their wallets to me…


Idiots Shouldn’t Drive

Driving should be an easy thing. You sit in a chair, which is typically comfortable with good cushion to it, maybe leather and even heated. Then, you turn a key, push down the break, and then…


Purchased Ticket to Vietnam!

A status report on my trip to Vietnam. I have finally bought my ticket, so the hard part is taken care of. I have quite a few worries still though, all oriented around money.

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