Political Stances and Positions

This page serves as an anchor page that shares my positions on political issues. There are no explanations to these positions, however, I will gladly share details related to my positions on these positions should anyone ask. I update this page as necessary, if my positions on anything changes. These issues are stated on a scale from 0% to 100%, relative to my level of support on the topic. 100% is a full support, and 0% is a full against.

The Issues and Topics I Follow

Abortion (rape victims): Strongly Support (90%)

Affirmative Action (Higher Education): Moderately Against (30%)

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare): Moderately Against (30%)

Autonomous Vehicles: Strongly Support (80%)

Background Check and Psych Test Pass BEFORE gun purchase: Strongly Support (90%)

Commercial and Civilian Drone Usage: Strongly Support (80%)

Common-Core Testing “Standardized” Testing: Strongly Against (10%)

Congressional Term Limits: Fully Support (100%)

Cuba Trade and Travel (Remove Embargo): Fully Support (100%)

Death Penalty (State’s rights): Strongly Support (80%)

Equal Pay, Equal Work (Woman’s wages): Fully Support (100%)

Euthanasia: Moderately Support (70%)

Gerrymandering (Congressional Control): Fully Against (0%)

Gerrymandering (nonpartisan commision): Fully Support (100%)

GMO-labeling of foods: Somewhat Support (60%)

Immigrant path to citizenship: Strongly Support (80%)

Illegal Immigrant benefits, tuition, healthcare: Moderately against (40%)

Increased Military funding: Strongly Against (10%)

Increased Public Education funding: Fully Support (100%)

Increased Science/Research funding: Strongly Support (90%)

Israel Military and Financial Support: Moderately Against  (40%)

Legalization, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana: Fully Support (100%)

Marriage Equality: Fully Support (100%)

Oil Fracking Deregulation: Strongly Against (20%)

Overturning Citizens United: Fully Support (100%)

Patriot Act: Strongly Against (20%)

Privacy and Online Encryption: Fully Support (100%)

Raise of taxes on wealth over 1 million per year: Strongly Support (90%)

Raising the Minimum Wage: Strongly Support (80%)

Religion in Public Schools: Strongly Against (10%)

Removing “God” from currency, and government: Strongly Support (90%)

Single-Payer Healthcare System: Fully Support (100%)

SOPA, PIPA, Other Online Censorship Bills: Fully Against (0%)

Tax-Exemptions for Religious Institutions: Strongly against (10%)

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Strongly against (10%)

War on ISIS (US Declare war): Strongly Against (10%)

Welfare Drug Test Requirements: Strongly Against (10%)


If I’ve missed one here, leave me a comment on Facebook and let me know what I’ve forgotten. I’ll probably talk with you about your position on it, so I would hope you have some unbiased education on the subject as well.

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