The Propaganda Breakout – President Obama Is A Monarchist.

If you are one of the people I talk about here, this will probably piss you off. GOOD. I love returning the favor for a change, cause the spread of your lies has been pissing others off for a long time. I don’t mind that this article is an opinion piece. Welcome to the world of personal blogging. The primary difference here between me and you though, is that I’m going to source shit, and state things that exist in reality. Sorry if that isn’t what you’re used to.

Today, President Obama will announce his plans for gun control in America, a term implying regulation and the introduction of more rules. Much like children, grown-ups tend to hate rules. Unlike children, some grown-ups throw radical fits that actually infect other adults like a disease. These adults talk about how there is an entitlement problem in this country, and then immediately turn around and demand that they themselves are entitled to stuff. Sure, in many cases, there is merit and fact to support some claims on one side of the line, but in many cases (this one), it’s utter bullshit to get you hooked and pissed off.

You might even see a Google Ad on the right sidebar that says “Obama says Ban Guns!”. It’s this type of garbage that starts this mess, and since there are no repercussions for pushing out that ad… they do it. Because if you click on it, you support their cause. If you follow what they say, you fulfill their agenda, and further facilitate the problem with this country. The “wants” of the individual are more important than the “needs” of society. That’s a problem.

Funny how their thoughts line up so well...

Funny how their thoughts line up so well…

The stuff spewing out recently is that the president, Barak Obama, is a monarchist because he’s going to use executive powers to facilitate what be believes needs to be done in this country to save lives. Right-wing propaganda-spreaders would have you believe that he’s not a man who is looking out for the best interests of the country as a whole, or a person who has been chosen by the people of this country to make tough judgement calls that others don’t have to even think about. They would have you believe that he’s an evil son-of-a-bitch that seeks nothing but personal control over the world.

If I had them in front of me… I’d punch them square in the eye. It wouldn’t knock any sense into them, cause they’re far too hard-headed. It would, however, make me feel better. That’s what I want. Sometimes it’s best to fight selfishness with more selfishness, and if it doesn’t work… at least you feel better anyways.

This is essentially, in a nut shell what’s going on:

The president considers “executive orders” to put in place gun control in this country that has the potential to save thousands of lives in the future… and bitter Republicans attempt to spread the word “monarchy” and “king” around the world to influence people to their political agenda. They push forward that idea that, because Obama, the first black-president in history who has come under more targeted scrutiny over his birth place and religious alignment (the latter which has absolutely nothing to do with being president of this country), would give orders to law enforcement officers to track down and visit the homes of every legal gun owner, and demand that those owners turn over their weapons to the federal government. To this day, there hasn’t been ONE SINGLE FACT that backed up that notion. It’s mere propaganda that they want you watching and listening to, so they can continue to own bigger and more powerful things that go boom.

If you’ve recently fallen victim to the slanderous claims of the President wanting to rule the land, you need to keep reading this.

The thing they don’t tell you? Every single president throughout history has used Executive orders to exercise their ELECTED powers in the country, starting right with George Washington (although there was no name for it at the time).

Here are some other presidents throughout history that have used such executive powers to fundamentally change the culture in this country. Some are, obviously, for the betterment of the country, while other ‘failed’ attempts would have done harm to what all conservative and libertarian folks would claim as “the American way” (which, at this point is not even a positive thing for its citizens).

Large policy changes with wide-ranging effects have been effected through executive order, including the integration of the armed forces under Harry Truman and the desegregation of public schools under Dwight D. Eisenhower. Harry Truman also tried to turn all steel mills in the country over to federal control, with an executive order that the supreme court (which is tasked in keeping government policy in line with the Constitution) overturned and cancelled (Executive Order 10340).

1999 Kosovo was a war that started for our country, under executive orders from Bill Clinton. Both George H.W. Bush and his son submitted their power into the executive order jar as well, many of which did nothing to influence positive action in the country, and much of which was even brought up with private influence.

The president, written into his job, has a limited amount of power in our government… but the power he does have INCLUDES this step, and he is well-within his rights as the elected President of the United States (you wanna talk about rights) to make some executive orders. He can’t make whatever he wants (like an Assault Weapons Ban) without Congressional approval, meaning the bi-partisan combination of the House and the Senate agreeing to make it so.

Ignorant Americans have been blaming Obama for a lot of the stuff he hasn’t even done while he’s been in office, mostly because they want somebody to blame, and the president is an easy target (because of any reason you want to have, fair or not). People are pissed about spending, but the bulk of the “spending” they refer to isn’t even done by him. It’s Congress. They’re pissed about the fact that, despite Obama saying their taxes wouldn’t go up a dime if they made under $250,000, their still getting more money taken out of their checks. They look at that and cry “liar” when a quick Google search will explain how a long-term tax-cut expired, and how rates went up as a result of that expiration. Spending is regulated and controlled mostly by Congress, but they still need a fall guy. Rather than taking it out on their favorite banks and corporations who benefit directly from your hardship, they take it out on Barak Hussain Obama (be sure to include that middle name too, as if it implies anything more than “John” or “Frank” to anybody else).

It’s difficult to believe, and some of you are likely reading this and saying “wow… this guy’s dumb.” Those same people, have done no research of their own, no investigating, no reading, no writing, no nothing. They open up Facebook and find a nifty meme that they can share on their walls because it’s easy. Put a little tag-line in there that will imply to your friends how patriotic you are to the outside world, while you continue to further progress the down-fall of this nation’s policies on war, drugs, guns, and education. “I HAVE A RIGHT” is the words you arm yourself with, not even considering how bad this country really is to the rest of the world… Go for it. You’re a winner. You deserve it. You’re entitled to it (nice word choice right?).

The NRA wants you scared. That’s the entire point. They want you believing that government is going to take everything away from you, because they’re Tea-party driven. They’re extreme absolutists that spread lies to get you. Think about it for a moment, attempting to have an open mind. This is an organization that is lead by a group of people who had to stage a coo to completely take-over their own organization, and fundamentally transform it 180-degrees from what it stood for before. Read the history of it. It’s sad. They were once very pro-gun-control. Today though, they understand that the more you fear having government take over your shit, the more you’ll: Buy guns. Join their little club. Spread their propaganda’s messages. and repeat the process to those who see the lies you’re unaware of spreading.

If you have a problem… deal with it. Because if you believe in this country, and its processes, you’ll respect that while you yourself are potentially a hateful bias bigot with no regard what-so-ever for adapting to a changing world to meet a changing battlefield of issues and problems that arise (sorry Dorothy, be we aren’t in 1776 anymore), this country is great because we have an election, and trust those elected officials to do what is in the best interest of the country as a whole, and not the individual.

Just like evolution and the rest of scientific study… whether you choose to acknowledge it is irrelevant. It exists. Get over it.

For some more “executive orders” that have been executed by everybody’s favorite presidents throughout history… See links below:

Executive orders passed by any president (look it up): 

Barak Obama has currently issued only 144 Executive orders, not including any that may come today. If it is your belief that the use of executive order to get around Congress in an effort to adhere to the wishes of the American public (the NRA makes up an organization that is less than 9% of the country) makes a president an aspiring dictator, than President Barak Obama is FAR LESS OF A MONARCHIST THAN ANY PRESIDENT IN THE OVER 110 YEARS BEFORE HIM.

Again, just because you’re a hateful war-mongering idiot doesn’t mean it actually exists. Thank you for your time. I look forward to your responses on my one-sided article that attempts to persuade you to think as I do.

UPDATED: To the paranoid individuals that cared more about shooting pieces of wood with large magazines of ammunition, and feared that their guns were going to get stripped away because they believed the propaganda of the NRA… READ WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED HERE.

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