The Pryors Check Out Vinpearl Underwater World In Vietnam

Ocean life is something that most of us aren’t able to get very familiar with, simply because we cannot see them on a regular basis. To get better acquainted with oceanic life, we create large aquariums and host large areas in amusement parks for people to see what Earth’s mighty oceans has to offer. In Vietnam, the largest of these worlds, is on Vinpearl Island, which just happens to be where we are: Vinpearl Underwater World in Vietnam

Covering an area of 3,400 square meters, Vinpearl Underwater World houses over 300 species of pretty and strange-looking fish. Many of the fish are incredibly rare, and were bought from other countries to be featured here. It is divided into various display sections according to different climate zones: a marine creature section of the northern Asia climate zone, a marine creature section of the southern Asia climate zone, a marine creature section of the Amazon climate zone and a marine creature section of the Coastal climate zone. The two-story block is covered by an artificial mountain, and features a modern tunnel system with a moving escalator that takes you through the various zones without the need to walk around it yourself. It is designed to give you the feeling of being in the water yourself, without the danger of actually being so.

Charlie Pryor

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