These Tech Companies Join Forces To Fight Government Spying

On this episode of “Things I Learned Today,” I’m talking government spying, and what today’s top tech companies are up to in terms of fighting against the unconstitutional actions that are taken in blatant disregard for human rights by the United States Government, which I will continue to refer to as “America, Inc.”

It’s no secret that people today are being spied on. Of course, you’ve all heard of the NSA spying on us, and on foreigners as well. You’ve all heard of PRISM, and the fact that the government can get information out of any tech company it wants, just by asking for it, and those companies not only must comply, but they are legally forbidden to even acknowledge that it happens in the first place.

Well some tech companies don’t like that, and they’ve got an awful big legal team trying to shake things up for the betterment of our lives.

Today, I’m talking about Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These are the networks that have joined forces to battle against the government agencies that are constantly breaking their constitutional right to   the freedom of speech.

But, but as you can expect, they are stuck in a rather unfair fight. As usual, the government acts like it can just do whatever it wants, and has even gone so far as to submit legal documentation telling these companies the reasons why the current laws are in place

WTF!? It’s like.. here are the reasons… but they’re classified. No shit.

WTF!? It’s like.. here are the reasons… but they’re classified. No shit.

The redactions are really remarkable considering this has nothing to do with any specific forms of surveillance. It’s about basic constitutional issues of free speech. Companies want to be able to protect their own image, and disclose to their trusting users what’s really happening. They want to “refute incorrect media reports” about their role in all of these scandals.

But the only people who are allowed to see the un-redacted documents explaining why the laws exist as they do, are the judges of the spy court, which is entirely confidential in and of itself. Honestly, I didn’t even know there was a spy court. Sounds cool to say it, but now that I know what it actually is I hate it.

Now these five companies aren’t the only tech giants making their position on the matter known to the government. Other companies, including Apple, have also filed briefs in support of this effort as well.

Hopefully the world evolves from this, because the paranoia and constant breaking of citizen rights has to stop. You put rules and laws in place for a reason, but if those laws have no reason, or they are unjust… then we will break them. Plain and simple.

We’re expected to just sit quietly while everyone looks at everything we do and own, and if we don’t, we’re either locked up or hunted until we can be. Just look at Edward Snowden. The guy tells the American people the crap that’s happening against our rights, and he’s still on the run while being called a traitor.

A traitor is a person who aids the enemy at the expense of the people. The only way anyone can justify calling him a traitor… is if they believe the government is the people… and the people are the enemy. – and if you believe that, than you’re the problem that is hopefully fading away as the world moves forward.

If you’d like to read the full motion that’s been filed go head and check out the document below.

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