This Is What Happens When a Mom Tells The Plot Of “The Matrix”

Joe Nicolosi‘s “The Matrix Retold by Mom” video is genius and simple: His mother had never seen the Matrix before, and after watching it for the first time, he asked her to tell him the plot, as she understood it. He then took that story, and animated the results. The resulting animation shown above is nothing short of epic in my opinion. Maybe not as entertaining as the original Matrix film, but still really quite great.

I’m sometimes reminded of my parents in some of these parts, because as movies and television shows move faster and faster, I find similarities in how they tell their stories. Getting names incorrect, over-exaggerating unimportant parts, leaving out important parts (because they don’t remember or “didn’t get it”), and getting side-tracked on other stuff completely unrelated, only to say “anyway” and get back to the story. It’s pretty funny. The Matrix is already a film that is difficult for many people to understand, since the world and reality of the world that has been created is so different from what we know in the real world. It makes us think about possibilities, which is something many people just can’t get fast enough to keep up, especially an older generation.

The same is often true of small children if you think about it, whom are also excellent story-tellers if you allow their creativity and short attention spans to flourish. They’ll mess up names, exaggerate the most colorful of moments, and often times tell a completely different story altogether, having not understood the original.

Joe’s animations are quite awesome. If you’d like to see more of his work, you can check out his YouTube channel for more videos. He doesn’t have many videos, but this isn’t the only “as told by” video that he has.

Charlie Pryor

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