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I Have Fast Websites Now. Isn’t That Great?

There’s always been something to be said about presenting a good user experience to people who pursue what you have to offer. In the case of my blog here, as well as HotTips, BaconMeals, and...


Fox Buick GMC: Truly Exceptional (Promo)

Fox Buick GMC is a dealership on Alpine avenue in Comstock Park, Michigan. This promotional piece was done to help shed some light on the personal touch this dealership has with customers, and why people...


Frustration: The Story of Indian Call Centers.

Everytime I get a small problem with a company, I call them. I don’t go through their website for help all of the time (on some things I do), or attempt to get help via email (waste of time). I want to call them. When I do make the phone call in this amazing 21st Century world, I expect two things to happen: I expect to get a robot talking in my ear, and I expect to hear a person within a reasonable time.

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