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I Want What I Want, Not What They Want 0

I Want What I Want, Not What They Want

‘m fairly confident that I’m not going to be getting a bunch of As or anything this semester. I’m too focused on other things to concentrate a whole lot on school. Normally, when a student...

College Feels Like A Waste… Of Life. 0

College Feels Like A Waste… Of Life.

No seriously though. I believe, that school has mostly been a complete waste of time and money. The educational system in this country seems more oriented into getting money than anything else. I thought it was educating young minds and expanding the overall abilities of young people. Looks more like educating themselves to expand their wallets to me…


Long Time No See

I’ve just completed arguably the most writing piece I have ever done, and I feel pretty good about that. Normally, when I write a short little story or whatever I comes naturally and I can, for the most part, breeze right through it with only minor setbacks. This time, however, it was completely different. There was a much greater attention paid to details, story, and flow then I’ve ever paid before…


Cramming and Writing…

A short story that I had to come up with for a film script for class. I think it turned out okay. My writing has definitely improved since I started attending this school.

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