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Thoughts on The Cuba Trip: From The Players

The Cuba trip was unlike anything the baseball team from Grand Valley State University had ever experienced before. Many of them had never even been outside of the United States before, and none of us...


Moments In Cuba: Is The Water Safe To Drink?

One thing we were informed about Cuba was that it’s a humid place, and that we should drink more water than normal to stay hydrated, especially when being active. For the duration of our stay...


Moments In Cuba: The Man With The Huge Cigar

Around the tourist parts of the Cuban streets, we noticed many people doing a variety of odd things in public in the hopes that people would give them a bit of money for the entertainment...


The Beginning Of A Fantastic Journey To Cuba

Riding On A Bus To Toronto Takes A Long Time. We took a really long trip to Toronto on January 3rd, stopping only a few times for a snack and bathroom breaks. The drive was...


Vlog #3: My Cuba Trip Has Officially Begun!

Just finished with my first meeting with the GVSU Baseball team to discuss the trip to Havana, Cuba. It’s now become real. The project has started, and I’ve begun filming (I recorded parts of the...

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