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One Week Until The Pryors Leave For Vietnam

The time is rapidly approaching ladies and gentlemen. Our flight is locked in, our schedules are set. Passports on hand, Visas arranged, and everything is all paid for. We’ve got just one week until the...


Vietnam: T-minus 23 Days and Counting…

I’m very excited, and actually quite freaked out as well. I have no idea what to expect, since literally everything that happens will be new to me, including the airport security, and flying in general. Most people would be a bit surprised to read that I’ve never flown before. Never even been inside an airplane even. No helicopters or hot air balloons. I’ve never shot myself out of a cannon, or tied 1,300 balloons to my house and floated to South America. The closest I’ve been to flying, is jumping really high on a trampoline.

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