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Talking To Smart People Makes Me Feel Dumber

You ever have that moment when you suddenly realize you’re not quite as smart as you believe you are? Whether it’s about topics related to your career, or your interests, politics (although rarely will people...

What School “Could” Do For Me – The Story Of A Film Major 0

What School “Could” Do For Me – The Story Of A Film Major

As a film major in college, I rarely think about what my future could be like, as far as finding a job later. The concept of “finding a job” really doesn’t appeal to me much, since I figure I’d rather create something than create somebody else’s stuff. Bottom line though, is that I’m going to have to suck it up, and just do it.


Where am I going? Where have I been?

I often find myself wondering if my current path is the right one. A most students will experience in college, the long nights of writing papers and cramming for tests can really take a toll on your health, confidence, energy, stamina, and most importantly: Your drive to succeed. I find myself struggling to stick with it a lot lately, and I know it’s just because of one unavoidable fact: The future is so unknown.


Wanting to Want It

Meaningless? A hope for a drive I would love it if I cared. Let me elaborate on what that means: I would love it if I would actually care enough to do something about what...


Long Days, Short Nights

About School, Work, and Sleep Days aren’t nearly long enough, and nights seem to pass to quickly. My days are filled with an endless predictable repetition that almost makes me hate it here in Grand...

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