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Vlog #4: I’ve Got To Get Out Of College

So I’m back from Cuba now, and the first week of classes has been a mess of indecision. I’ve switched classes, dropped, then picked back up, and then dumped them again. I’ve purchased only one...


Message Sent Trailer 2011

This is a trailer created by me and a few other editors who also edited the film itself. Message Sent has won numerous awards and multiple film festivals since it was created and distributed in...

College Feels Like A Waste… Of Life. 0

College Feels Like A Waste… Of Life.

No seriously though. I believe, that school has mostly been a complete waste of time and money. The educational system in this country seems more oriented into getting money than anything else. I thought it was educating young minds and expanding the overall abilities of young people. Looks more like educating themselves to expand their wallets to me…


Redemption – A Short Film For Class

This is an example of a short film done for one of my first media classes at Grand Valley State University. It was created as an assignment, under class parameters and assignment limitations. For this...

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