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Cuba Journal: Having Fun In the Havana Sun

This segment titled “Cuba Journal” contains entries written from when I traveled to the country while making an upcoming film. I’m posting these journal entires completely raw, without editing them in any way. I didn’t...


Photo – The Cuban Phone Booth

There are quite a few pay phones in Havana, all of which had designs that dated back well before what we would consider modern. This one, like the dozens of others like it, sticks up...


Photo – Smiling For Baseball

These kids, who lived up high in the mountains near Ceinfuego, were so excited to see us arrive with gifts! The group traveled up the mountains to explore the countryside for a little bit, where...


Hang’s Little Butterfly

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything about my trip to Vietnam, I started going through some photos I had on the computer, and came across the big “Vietnam” folder I had here...

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