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Vlog #4: I’ve Got To Get Out Of College

So I’m back from Cuba now, and the first week of classes has been a mess of indecision. I’ve switched classes, dropped, then picked back up, and then dumped them again. I’ve purchased only one...

Long Time No Speak… Time For A Bit Of Catchup 1

Long Time No Speak… Time For A Bit Of Catchup

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. Actually, it’s the first time since I returned from Vietnam. This is because I’m insanely busy. Here’s a bit of an update, and a...

In It For the Long Haul: College Doesn’t Always Teach You Things… 0

In It For the Long Haul: College Doesn’t Always Teach You Things…

Every day I think about my school debt, I get a little more pissed inside. The fact that I’ll be paying off a rather large 5-figure number for about 10 years of my adult life for something that I honestly don’t feel benefited me nearly enough simply invigorates me. Why do I have to go to college for this again? Granted, I likely adapted to some skills that were suggested by my education, and I do often find myself using some skills that were learned from class projects again and again. But how much of this was unattainable without schooling?

College Feels Like A Waste… Of Life. 0

College Feels Like A Waste… Of Life.

No seriously though. I believe, that school has mostly been a complete waste of time and money. The educational system in this country seems more oriented into getting money than anything else. I thought it was educating young minds and expanding the overall abilities of young people. Looks more like educating themselves to expand their wallets to me…


Where am I going? Where have I been?

I often find myself wondering if my current path is the right one. A most students will experience in college, the long nights of writing papers and cramming for tests can really take a toll on your health, confidence, energy, stamina, and most importantly: Your drive to succeed. I find myself struggling to stick with it a lot lately, and I know it’s just because of one unavoidable fact: The future is so unknown.


Long Time No See

I’ve just completed arguably the most writing piece I have ever done, and I feel pretty good about that. Normally, when I write a short little story or whatever I comes naturally and I can, for the most part, breeze right through it with only minor setbacks. This time, however, it was completely different. There was a much greater attention paid to details, story, and flow then I’ve ever paid before…


Cramming and Writing…

A short story that I had to come up with for a film script for class. I think it turned out okay. My writing has definitely improved since I started attending this school.

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