Riding the Vinpearl Cable Car To Hon Tre Island (Photo Gallery)

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Transportation to an island is almost always limited to only a couple options… and no, swimming is usually not one of them. To get to Vinpearl Park and Resort on Hon Tre Island, you can take a really awesome cable car to the resort from the mainland (or ride the ferry if it’s a really windy day). Riding the Vinpearl Cable Car to the Island is awesome, and it was a new experience for many of us in our group.

The Vinpearl Cable Car is a 3311 metres long gondola lift, which links Hon Tre Island with Nha Trang. It uses 7 offshore support towers, which all stand in the sea. The tallest is 115 metres high from which however 40 metres are under water. The ride offers a fantastic view of both the mainland of Nha Trang and the shipping yard found almost directly under the cable car’s path, as well as various other land masses up until reaching Hon Tre Island, the island in which Vinpearl resort dominates the vast majority of space.

Hòn Tre island which was originally used as a jail in the past, and obviously the Vinpearl Cable Car didn’t exist when it was used this way. It’s now a resort island with a water park, amusement park, a large 5-star hotel, and much more, as you’ll continue to see here on Charlie’s Place. Check back to the Vietnam area of this site for more updates related to travel in Vietnam.

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