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How Do You Deal With Phobias?

I hate needles. I hate them a lot. I know more people do, but there’s a good chance I hate them more. Now that I’m off to the dentist in about an hour and a...


YouTube Music Awards Leaves YouTubers Behind

This is an address to the YouTube creators of the world, and the people within this vast and expanding community of people that care about independent artists getting the recognition that they look forward to...


Vlog #4: I’ve Got To Get Out Of College

So I’m back from Cuba now, and the first week of classes has been a mess of indecision. I’ve switched classes, dropped, then picked back up, and then dumped them again. I’ve purchased only one...


Vlog #3: My Cuba Trip Has Officially Begun!

Just finished with my first meeting with the GVSU Baseball team to discuss the trip to Havana, Cuba. It’s now become real. The project has started, and I’ve begun filming (I recorded parts of the...

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