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I’ve noticed something happening to me over the last 4 years of my life, as many people may have as well. Technology has become a huge part of my life. Not just like everybody else though; With me it’s more extreme. I am a technoholic now, and it’s gotten to the point where I can accept it, and am perfectly okay with building on it. The iPhone in particularly has changed me. Before I got myself a smart phone, I wasn’t connected to the world. I mean, I was constantly in touch with friends and stuff, but no where near what I am today. A majority of the people I talk to now I have never met before, and in some cases, haven’t even seen a photo of them. Throughout the course of a single day, I will converse with several people across the country, and some even overseas. These are people that, at one point, I was able to help with a problem with their technology, or answer a question for them. I’ve been given the great opportunity to open the eyes of several people per day on what matters to them for their devices. It’s truly a blessing as well, when I receive thanks for this assistance I provide for these people across the country or even the world. Even more heartwarming however when I receive gifts back for these things. Two weeks ago, I received a $100 donation from one person at the HotTips! Facebook page. This came after I spent roughly 45 minutes helping him set up his new iPhone and customizing it to fit his wants and needs. Before that, I was given the TomTom Navigation App, a $45 value at the time. It was just given to me: “I want you to have this. Thank you!” It’s incredible! Since then, I’ve also received not one, but TWO MobileMe accounts ($99/year each) and those accounts will remain active and open for a long time to come (or at least as long as Adam stays an Apple employee). The tech revolution has allowed me to connect with people and exchange information in ways I didn’t think would happen… but it is! The point here, is that when I really put myself out there, good things can happen. When I go after something that I feel passionate about, I can get positive results, and even a positive return on my time investment. Now, I need to apply this same philosophy to other aspects of my life, and see if the same things are true. There are so many things I want to do right now that I cannot even grasp them all. From Learning Vietnamese, to building a server for my online activities. From improving my relationships with others, to improving myself physically, and mentally. I cannot do all of these in a short time period, but I really want to dedicate myself to try.]]>

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