"Venting" Is Unnecessary, and Contagious

Venting about stuff is contagious by nature. If you take a moment to think about that, you’ll come to the same conclusion I have, because the person on the receiving end of a “vent” from another, always goes and vents later. It may not be about the same thing, but more than you think, it’s simply about the vent that was initially placed. It’s a cycle really, but it’s a reliable cycle. Person A gripes for five minutes about something happening bad in their life to Person B. This matter has absolutley nothing to do with Person B but Person Aneeds somebody to complain towards. So five to ten minutes go by, and the conversation ends, usually with some silence, followed by a “I don’t know” or a “whatever.” Every now and then it will end in a resolution for a person, or perhaps even some kind of enlightenment and calm that wouldn’t have happened without a vent, but this isn’t nearly as common of a result. Now, back to the cycle. Person A has just finished griping towards Person B about nothing that even mattered directly to Person B. One of two things will happen aftewards. Perhaps right away, or after a yet to be determined period of time:   1) Person B will now gripe towards another person (Person C) about what Person A just griped about, causing more people to hear the gripe, and pass it on to the next person, who in turn will complain toward another and so on. This perhaps will bind a few people together in their common hatred toward something, and they’ll keep complaining to others (an example is with politics, when one person complains about somebody in government, and eventually rallies up a bunch of people with them). OR… 2) Person B will now gripe towards another person (Person C) about Person A griping at them. This will create a hypocritical person, in a way, because they are now complaining towards a person who doesn’t care about somebody annoying them about matters they don’t care about. This then stems to the first option, because these two people (Person B and Person C) are now binded together with a common annoyance of Person A.   Even if you do not understand what I just said, or don’t wish to take the time to get where it’s going, you can still understand that complaining to other people almost never ends with a positive outcome. It’s either negative (cause you are now annoying to people), or it’s not annoying but nothing happens (which makes it a waste of time for both involved). Unless you actually gripe to somebody that can do something about it, then it’s essentially a waste of time. Of course I’m not saying it annoys me all the time when people complain toward me. As I stated above, many times it doesn’t annoy people. It still doesn’t change the fact that it hasn’t solved anything. If it has nothing to do with me whatsoever, there is a pretty good chance, if expressed poorly, that it will annoy me… and now, everyone who has read this post… is Person B.   Did it spread? Yup… did it solve anything… nope.  ]]>

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