Open Letter To the Media: Stop Covering the Westboro Baptist Church. Keep Cameras Away

The Westboro Baptist Church Is a Fake, a Scam, a Trap, and a Joke. There is one undeniable fact about this “organization” known as the “Westboro Baptist Church” that people really need to understand. Fred Phelps, his wife, and the rest of his ridiculous clowns do not believe what they are doing. They aren’t really preaching the “word of God” and they aren’t out there to “help save” anybody. They are there to offend the hell out of you. That’s their mission. They don’t care about what religious beliefs you have, or whether or not you’re a homosexual, veteran, or anything else. All they care about is whether you have money and a short temper. This is a scam. Do not fall for this. Make no mistake, all of their ranting and verbal garbage is business, not religion. The Westboro Baptist assholes travel all over the country on money from lawsuits, set up websites telling you know exactly when they’ll be there so that you’ll come out and fight them, and use the most inflammatory statements they can possibly think of just to piss you off… just to get someone to violate their rights for a profit. If they get their way, and somebody does happen to cross the line and “violate their rights,” this family of lawyers will then proceed to sue you, as well as the police that was supposed to protect them, and the military, and anybody else in the area they can think of to get money from. It’s purely to get people sued. Every single adult member of that man’s family is a lawyer. They know the law very well. They understand that they are perfectly able to stand out there and say whatever, and you can’t actually stop them. Phelps does not break the law. What he does is try to make you break the law. He does this by trying to verbally bash you on every element of your existence that you care about, and hold dear to your heart. If he succeeds, and something happens which “violates the law” or “his rights” under the law, he sues you, and everything municipality around him to the maximum possible amount. Does he believe his posters? Maybe, but it doesn’t matter if he does or not. His pathetic excuse of a family has found a way to manipulate the legal system in their favor, and they are using your anger as a moneymaking scheme. Go ahead… retaliate. Lay one finger on him, or do one thing that violates him, and the government groups that have been sworn to protect them and their constitutional rights, are going to hammer you in the courtroom. He’s not a stupid man. He’s a vile disgusting human being, but he’s not stupid. In fact, he’s very good at what he does. What he does, is piss you off. The Westboro Baptist Church keeps a predictable amount of people around them, stay for a predictable amount of time, and keep a consistent streak of efficiency in their protests that allow them to have the best chance at getting sued. The people sometimes split up and go to two separate state funerals to get the most money possible from their efforts. There are never any more than twelve people in a group when they go out to protest, almost always less. The more spread out they can be, and the more ground they can cover when it comes to pissing people with money off, the better. They don’t stay very long either, often leaving after an hour or less. They know that if people are going to bite the hook, it’ll happen quickly. They can get their lawsuit ready then, get that camera footage for the news, and then hit the road and move to the next location (which now knows they are coming, and seen what just happend to them from the news). It’s all done to maximize their profits, because time is money. They’re not interested in the message, because they’re just interested in the lawsuit. Get the money locked in, and move on. They don’t believe this stuff at all. It’s an act, and it’s working. They want your attention, and they want your cameras in their faces. When the cameras aren’t rolling, they’re silent. They don’t make a scene at all, they just stand there. As soon as the cameras come around though… BAM!. Just look at what they do, and you’ll see it. Research for a moment. Match up some patterns. If they did believe this stupid shit, they wouldn’t have come to Coretta Scott King’s funeral. Why in the world did they come to her funeral? Their joke of a doctrine clearly doesn’t say ANYTHING about God hating black people who tried to promote Christianity. If anything, this woman would have been held highly by their ridiculous doctrine. No ladies and gentlemen… this group was there anyways, and they came about because they seen an excellent opportunity to make a quick buck when someone slipped up, and to get themselves some more press coverage. They were there to petition the police department for a right to protest, and if they didn’t get it… they’d take them to court over it later. Government has $50,000 laying around right? Might as well give it to them? Hell no. Basically, Phelps is trying to become powerful, and he’s using your hatred towards them to do it. He’s using those who love the government (when he says God hates the USA). He’s using the families of fallen troops, whose emotions are fragile and in a critical state (when he protests their funerals claiming they deserved to die). He’s using homosexuals, and those who support them (when he says God hates fags). Basically… he’s using any opportunity he can get. He makes everyone around them well versed in the laws of this country. In lots of cases, he turns them into lawyers, and pushes them to obey every single law of man (notice, not the laws of God.. but the laws of man). Since the war began, it’s been prime picking for Phelps. Every single tragic event that results in the loss of life, and the sadness of family and friends is surreptitiously conjured into a monkey-making opportunity for Phelps, and every time he moves his teams of assholes out onto the streets to piss off those who just lost their loved ones, the media takes that as an opportunity to keep their ratings high, and make some money as well. In a sense, the media is partnering helping the Westboro Baptist Church. They know it too. Every single network knows it, yet they continue to make their way out to them in those big white vans and stick a camera in their faces. Fred Phelps isn’t going to quit either. This is his life. He makes his living off of over-senesative people that can’t take offensive words being thrown at them. Ironically, the majority of the people he offends are Christians (you can’t feel angry that God hates you if you believe the diety is fictitious anyways). He understands the law very well, and knows all of the loopholes that can get his cases thrown out. He instructs his followers to use generalized words and claims, because stating things directly at a person is grounds for his case to be get dismissed. If you make a personal claim at somebody, saying (“God hates you” and pointing for example), if can be construed as verbal abuse. He isn’t going to make things personal for the people he targets. None of the bait is that obvious. The farthest they’ll go (and they do this a lot) is making eye contact with you. Eye contact doesn’t inherently mean they are directing comments personally to you, but it has a much greater impact on what they say towards you, and around you. He’s got all of his signs around him at any given moment, and the actual cause of their protests can change rapidly depending on the surrounding audience for their show. They have a poster that says, “Thank God for IEDs” (Improvised Explosive Devices, aka Roadside Bombs). They are saying God is with the terrorists. Then they say God hates you. Then they see you looking patriotic with your American flag shirt, they point the sign at you and say, “Americans are going to hell for supporting this country!” They won’t say it directly at you, saying “you’re going to hell,” but just Americans in general (which… they are also). They say that about everybody, and everything they can. They aren’t christians. They aren;’t acting for religious reasons. They act for financial reasons. They don’t even admit that “we all are sinners” but rather call you out for being one repeatedly. They want to get under your skin. They want to get you angry. They want you to hit them. That’s a measure of accomplishment; it’s how they measure success. If you hit them, they win. If you stick a camera in their faces, they win. They’ve all been made into lawyers. Phelps got disbarred, and since then, he’s made everyone into a lawyer to do all the paperwork for him to he can make money off your sadness and hurt. They’ll change their signs to conform to the crowd. They’ll go to a large funeral service for a soldier, and say that he deserved to die. They’ll go there specifically for him. Then, people come around them and complain, but they notice the crowd has changed, and that there are, oh I don’t know, “gays” around him. Quickly, he’ll switch out the signs and direct the attention to them. It’s a total scam, and it’s sick. They leave once the cameras are turned off too, and they file a lot of lawsuits. If a police department looks them up and says, “we’re denying your protest right,” Boom! They just got to sue a police department for the very thing that Americans can’t stand, rights violation. I am assuming that this is where they get almost all of their money, and can continue their business. It’s not a church. It’s not a religious group. They don’t stand for anything except money. Period. [charliead] To the Media: You can stop the Westboro Baptist Church. You seriously can. You’re the reason they can continue to do this. You are the sole reason this group survives today. Stop playing into the bullshit they say. Stop covering them on the television. We’re all still going to watch the news if you don’t show them. We aren’t interested in them anyways. In fact, I turned of several news stations immediately after a story popped up about them. I won’t watch you again. Ever. You are contributing to this. You are responsible to everyone. Yes, it’s your duty to report the news, but this group is a public scam that everybody already knows about. You don’t need continuous coverage on this to get your ratings higher. If it’s for money, then go grab a sign and join them scumbags out on the street. Stop listening. Stop talking. Stop shoving cameras in their faces. Stop inviting them to speak at your events. Yeah, I’m talking to you Central Michigan University, who invited Shirley Phelps into the school so that she could truly demonstrate freedom of speech by offending the hell out of your students. If you stop covering them, and if people can understand that it’s a scam and a game, and NOT get offended, they will eventually lose. As long as you keep letting them get to you, they’ll continue making money. It’s the only reason they are doing it. They do not care about you. They do not care about themselves. They’d kick a member out if they slipped up and costed them a lawsuit. That’s not a church. Stop supporting the Westboro Baptist Church.]]>

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