Campaign 2012: Liberty Has My Vote.

That’s not to say that Ron Paul’s policies don’t have any downsides at all. Some people may not like that he’s “technically” pro-choice on the abortion issue. In actuality, he’s pro-life, and anti-government. It’s just never been practiced that way by politicians before. He’s been that way, consistently, for over 30 years. Mostly, this is because he’s against government mandates. He doesn’t believe government should dictate what people can, and can’t do, therefore a law requiring a woman to have a child. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s personally okay with Abortion in general, but rather, he’s sticking to his principal that the government should have less say in what happens with us. It’s consistent at least. The second issue, which was just brought up (and I actually had to look up, because I wasn’t aware of it) was that Ron Paul is actually against the “minimum wage” in the United States. He’s actually thinking that it would benefit the poor in this country to abolish the minimum wage. I’m not so sure I can actually agree with that. It makes more sense to consider everyone making less money when that happens. Still, this is consistent with his Libertarian anti-government views. Still, he’s going to attempt to do away with the Federal Reserve, which is a HUGE positive in my book. Those bastards (and the government officials) are the reason we’re carrying such a weak dollar right now. Let’s just print money to stay alive… that solves everything. They’re easily the only legal (and largest) counterfeiters in the world. Stopping that shit would help everyone (except perhaps the government, and the special interest organizations they are paying off). This guy isn’t even taking any funding from interest groups and corporations. He’s turning it all down. Everyone else is going to owe these assholes a lot of money, because they are sellouts. Who’s Ron Paul going to owe a favor to? Nobody. Just us. More info on the Federal Reserve, and the madness of both Republican and Democrat driven governments always printing money, can be viewed with this simple animation: You can also read another excellent write-up about this stuff by Newsmax HERE. I would go on and on about why I’m leaning toward Ron Paul for president, but after watching this video, you will have heard everything I have to say. Express an opinion below if you wish, and I’ll be happy to talk with you. Just know that I have no political affiliation at all. I look at the state of every aspect of the country that I can witness and research, and I simply chose the lessor of two evils. That’s how it’s always been. With Ron Paul though… we maybe don’t have to chose an evil at all.]]>

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  1. i am so glad that so many have woken to ron paul… i have always voted for this man… he is the real deal…. not bogus talk but facts and truth from his start to now never changed his views on the constitution or the people. i tell you folks he is the only chance we have for our freedom and keeping the constitution( and, we are in a constitutional crisis)you can look into his eyes he loves america and he cares for the we the people… after all the eyes are the window to the soul.he is all about what is right and good for not just his family but ours.he is in the right place at the right time america needs him for america to mend her and the spirit of her peolpe to rgain her strenght and remember how our fathers before us fought and many died to have the freedom that this man as our president will allow us to have once again… this is our last chance and hope to keep our freedom and get this great nation back. we are not far from complete communist as it is now. i want to be free and have rights as we did before.may ron paul who wants the constitution and freedom not just for his own family but ours also… be blessed to know what to say to wake up those who don’t have a clue as to what is going. i believe in ron paul… he has never been wishy washy the same 30 years ago to now. he is what america needs now . may God bless him to mend our nation back from all the tyranny.


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