Looking At People In The Hallway Is Awkward?

Why is looking at people in the hallway awkward? Why is it weird to make eye contact in the elevator, or when passing by people on the stairs? I have difficulty figuring this out.

It’s more odd still that people would rather glance at the wall next to them, or the floor, or what I can assume to be a random tree they care nothing about, than to make eye contact. I’m sitting on a bench outside, just watching people, and this is happening in almost every case. Can we not just say hi? A wave? A nod? When did we get so impersonal? Upon traveling through the hallway, towards another class, at least 4 people looked at me, and immediately looked away and walked on without a word, as if they felt awkward that we had made eye contact. Surprisingly, eye contact with me from woman was far more common, and lasted longer in most cases than with other guys. Yet the results were mostly the same… no words, no hello, no real acknowledgement of existence. Do you notice this too? Maybe you do, but you don’t really pay much attention, because you are also doing it to other people. Try this next time. Every time you see a person, say hi to them. Now, I’m not saying you should run over and track them down, or follow them until they notice you. I’m not saying you should go out of your way to do it. What I’m suggesting, is that you acknowledge the existence of another when you are able to. You may not realize it, but it’ll make you happier too. You’ll feel more comfortable around people, and you may even get into interesting conversations that lead to friendships. What the hell… You have nothing to lose, right? [charliead]]]>

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