Here Are Some Tips On Driving In Los Angeles

much like in Vietnam. In Michigan, if somebody honks at you, we react almost immediately, and usually negatively. We say things like “what the hell man” and ” ya ya, shut up.” Sometimes, in extreme cases, honking at people and cutting people off can get a couple people in a fight throughout the midwest. West coast people… not so much. Another thing to consider is the U-turn policy, which can be observed far more often. Then there are motorcycles. In Michigan, they are treated as equal to other automobiles (except for parking areas). In Los Angeles, however, motorcycles can split lanes, and drive between cars. This makes them exceptionally efficient at driving, but also creates a bit of frustration from all those people who are stuck in traffic constantly with their larger cars. Oh yeah… traffic. Plan your trips well in advance, and leave very early. That’s all I have to say. [charliead]]]>

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