MoviePass Changes the Terms of Their Program. I Cancelled Without Fee.

This is not a feature that makes service better. This takes away from customers This is not a feature that makes service better. This takes away from customers[/caption] I go to see a movie, let’s say it’s a 10:00pm showing. It’s a good show, and everything is all good. Then, the next day, friends invite me to see a different movie. A movie I’ve been wanting to see, but hadn’t gotten to yet. They’re looking to go to the 9:00pm showtime, which is the last showtime on that day. For the entire duration I’ve had this card, that wouldn’t have been an issue. It’s a completely different business day, and a completely different movie. Now, with the “new feature” in effect, I’m going to have to tell my friends no on that showing. I cannot join them, because the service that I pay 4.5X more for than Netflix, will no longer allow me to watch it. It’s 23 hours since my last show. How absurd. [caption id="attachment_3132" align="aligncenter" width="556"]Customer service log: Yeah, that's not going to fly with me Customer service log: Yeah, that’s not going to fly with me[/caption] Luckily, they’ve realised the legal implications of this transformation of their service, and I didn’t have to remind them that they changed their terms and conditions of the service I pay for without my consent. They are now allowing people to leave MoviePass without an early termination fee, at least until November 13, 2013. If you are a MoviePass subscriber, and you don’t like this new “feature”, I recommend getting out now while it’s free. You only get a benefit from this program if you see more than 3 movies in a month. Any less than that, and you are actually paying more than normal. … and I don’t want to pay for something “unlimited” I can’t actually use “once per day” as described. If you choose to stay with it, don’t complain if you find yourself unable to join your buddies to a show because you saw one the day before. It’s probably not common for many, but it’s far from rare for most. [charliead]]]>

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