Hang and Charlie Pryor's Wedding Video

Two years ago, I took part in a ceremony many take part in, signifying a commitment of my life to another. Though the last two years have went by swiftly, they’ve been full of amazing life changes brought on by love, dedication to detail, hard work, and some good old fashion luck. I’ve had numerous friends and family today, wishing Hang and I a happy anniversary. I had meant to say thank you for the wishes sooner, but I wanted to do it a certain way – and the powers-that-be have been preventing me from doing so. I’m persistent though, and after about 10 hours of trying, and multiple attempts on multiple networks… I’ve decided on this. At least I have a website I can control… so here it is, our wedding video. This is a video that was edited together over 20 months ago, shortly after the ceremony took place and the lights and music had stopped. It was originally created for my family in Vietnam, so that they may see how wonderful our wedding in America was, with more detail than words can describe, and more vividness than what photography can provide. Video is truly the best medium of story-telling as I know it, and up until now, only a handful of people have been able to see it. Mostly because of a few songs in the video making it a headache to load anywhere online. To the people online, and to everyone else that cares and follows me in any capacity, thanks for tuning in, and I hope this video can serve as a thank you, and as a memory of a joyous occasion. If you weren’t in attendance that day, then at least you get to see some of what you missed (sorry you missed the drinks. 🙂 Even to this day, Hang’s influence over me is ridiculous. As you can see by the way I struggle and shake through my vows, she’s also pretty much the only thing that’ll make me lose everything in my head. I completely forgot everything I had memorized… had to pretty much wing it :). [bctt tweet=”I completely forgot everything. I had to wing it. She’s the only woman that does that to me.”] I’d like to thank a bunch of people… as long as I don’t get some sort of copyright notice, I’d like to first and foremost thank music industry representatives for leaving me alone this one time, and not being complete asses after all. Then, I’d like to thank Shotaro Hakoyama for his amazing musical talent for our ceremony, making it infinitely better in every possible way. I’d also like to thank Jim Paetschow and Sound Productions for the best damn party we’ve ever been a part of. Thanks to Devin Brines for your photography talents, and your eye for the shot. I’d also like to thank Michael Snyder and Chad Miller for your awesome cinematography skills. Your experience shooting weddings, and your technical knowledge and shot choices made this footage a breeze to work with and edit. It’s beautiful. Thank you. I’d love to thank my parents, especially my mother for singing at the wedding, and Gabriela Nurida and Nick Pryor for your awesome speeches. Thanks also to the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen in attendance for agreeing to be part of our special day in a more involved way. Standing with you up there was the best thing in the world, and having you with me at the party made the day unforgettable. Finally, I’d like to also thank my mother-in-law for flying literally half-way around the world for this day, and my father-in-law as well for helping to raise such an amazing woman. I wouldn’t be even half of what I’ve turned out to be without her by my side. Very few people have seen this video before today. I was considering how I wanted to cut it when I uploaded it to the internet, but in the end I decided to change absolutely nothing. It’s exactly as it was 2 years ago. Thanks for stopping in. I hope you enjoy. – Feel free to like, comment, share, and all that jazz too, if you want to.]]>

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  1. Very well done video! I wish we would have access to something to film ours better than VHS. Nice time to post this with baby coming and everything!!


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