Minecraft At Charlie? – We Got A Big Project and We Want You!


Want to take part in our adventure?
Step 1) Join the Charlie Discord: discord.gg/FcEVHKq
Step 2) Ask for Jaz

We’re a mature group, and we’re not looking for “silly kids” to ruin things, so if you can handle yourself respectfully and well enough as a team player, and Jaz agrees, she’ll let you in. Jaz is basically the bouncer of the club here for this project. Not necessarily everyone who asks will get into it for now….

For all other inquires, leave a comment below or on the Discord for me. Thanks!

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  1. Sounds interesting but i doubt my ability to take part in it, in part due to potato computer and in other due to lack of time, good luck though.

  2. I can't explain why exactly, but I've never had an interest in modded minecraft. Best of luck to you and everyone on this though. This is a VERY ambitious project. Having worked on a few myself and with several friends who have taken on larger ones (I am remembering a certain 17 month adventure map project) I won't be helping on this one, but I'll definitely watch and see what comes of it. 🙂


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