Lets Talk About Being A Creator, Communities, and Honesty — Vlog/Rant

STRAWPOLL QUESTION: With the assumption Lee drops out (he may not, in which case this poll won’t matter), what do you think I should do regarding continuing Divinity: strawpoll.com/gh81sppd

That’s all I care to say in the description here. Everything else I want to say, is in the video. Leave me a comment below if you want some back and forth. I’d love feedback from you, as discussed, in the comments too if you want to – or on Discord.

Charlie on Twitch: twitch.tv/charliepryor
Charlie Discord: discord.gg/FcEVHKq

DIVINITY ORIGINAL SIN 2 CO-OP Playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsBoF66x4ZmCbWWcuPVexBJB_li00P7rY

THIS SERIES WILL NOW BE REBOOTED. It’s form is not yet finalized or decided. It is very likely it will be a solo campaign, and likely will take place on Thursdays still. We’ll see. – May look for another partner.

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  1. The Audio does sound great, i know you said your take criticism but i feel what im going to say maybe taken the wrong way and please i dont mean any disrespect, the only feedback id like to offer is to change the channel name, make it something that says its YOU and unique to YOU, i forget about this channel sometimes not because i want to but i forget who it is and what its about, i think the problem is HotTips could be anything and sometimes thats not a good thing imo

  2. It's not about the numbers in the sense of quantity. Only in the sense that having my community there is what makes streaming fun for me. If they're not there it's no longer fun.

  3. As you know I'm a stay at home mom, so I love your long videos. I can pause it and resume at any time. And eventually I will finish it. However, with people who work or are in school might find an hour long video too long. I would suggest cutting the videos down to 30 min or less and just upload more videos. I will always be here to support you. Not every video you make is my forte. But I always like and comment what I do watch. I miss being on the discord, when I was on there I really felt like I was apart of a group and family. But I felt like it was in another persons interest for me not to be present anymore. I think what you have been doing with editing lately has been awesome. I noticed on the stream yesterday how many new people there was. I do miss you on YouTube but I see it doing great things for you. I'm loving the new series!

  4. I enjoy your style of playing games, and the care, effort and dedication you put into your videos. You've also shown to be incredibly engaging with your community (at least off stream ^_~ ) which is why I'm happy to help support your efforts!

  5. Hey Charlie, I've been enjoying all of your streams, and one of the things I look forward in your videos is the perspective and commentary you bring to a game. I first ran into your YouTube channel from Conquering KSP and started watching your Twitch streams for Fallout, but have also enjoyed your take on Xcom, as I've played a lot of the classic Xcom and the first modern Xcom. Divinity has been fun to watch because I know nothing about the game, and I'm a fan of games that enable co-op play.

    My biggest issue with community participation is because of scheduling differences. I'm on the west coast, and most of your streams are mid-morning, into early afternoon for me, which is while I'm at work. So usually, I'll turn your channel on and listen, but can't participate as much as I'd like, because work. This is most disappointing on Fallout, because I've been digging the Democracy aspect and want to participate more, but sometimes I missing hearing votes being called or that critical decisions are being made.

    Overall, keep on being you, as that is what I find interesting, and from the feel I've gotten from the last few weeks, I would check out most things you try. Although, you get into something like Candy Crush, and I'm out. 🙂

  6. 26 votes now on that straw poll btw :p I've noticed when chatting with a lot of people in Discord that you have a large international community likely due to your afternoon streaming when its more primetime / bedtime for others around the world. That could play a big part in participation with the straw polls and channel feedback as well.

  7. Hey Charlie. I just wanted to say that I do enjoy the mass majority of your content. I know I do not give feedback very often, in fact honestly only a few times. For me it’s actually not safe for me to leave feedback. I am a truck driver and I play your videos while I’m working. I don’t get to see the live streaming usually because I’m sleeping as I work an overnight shift and am already an hour behind you being in Texas. I am one of those that found you because of KSP. Loved the first 2 seasons of Prison Architect honestly not really digging warden mode though. Loved Skyrim and xcom and fallout as well. I’m still undecided on divinity. I appreciate the extra work you put in to make sure the quality is top notch but also enjoy the tougher vlog stuff you’ve done as well. I’m not just blowing smoke up you just because I am originally from the Detroit area myself, Royal Oak specifically. Just wanted to chime in while I’m sitting here at this dock door waiting for my customer to arrive (already he’s 1 1/2 hrs late).


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