Where is KSP? Tips For Streamers and Video Creators, And More! [AMA ANSWERS]

Ask Me Anything: ANSWERS – A couple months ago, I released a video to see what sorts of questions you guys had, and to send them to me on Discord, or via email.

This is a response from the questions asked from this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY9Ic2P1PkI

All the responses above are off-the-cuff and unscripted.
This video should provide some advice for new streamers in 2018, as well as some insight into how you can deal with a variety of issues for streaming and making videos on Twitch and YouTube. New and experienced content creators might get value from the insight as well, especially if you are a YouTuber wanting to be a Twitch Partner for your live streams.

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Intro: 0:00
Where to get updates: 2:00
Where’s KSP? 2:33
Hour Tour? 12:07
Alter stream times for Europeans? 12:58
Can the Let’s Try series come back? 15:23
Can I have Tesla on the stream more? 17:47
Work and preparation for streams, etc? 19:06
Can we get a game server? 24:28
Can you get a P.O. BOX for fan mail? 24:53
Crime In Detroit FeelsBadMan? 25:57
VR Racing Experience… I should do it!? 26:26
My Experience with people on YouTube? 27:00
Which Spice Girl Am I? 30:25
Stream Growth Strategy and Distress? 30:34
Are we there yet? 33:48
Will there be more Prison Architect? 33:58
Advice on balance of Family, Work, and Video? 35:26
Strategy To Get Partner On Twitch? 42:32
Advice for New Streamers? 43:58
How did you learn the skills in media creation? 46:16
Reflection and Final Thoughts 47:44

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  1. Im glad I got to hear what happened to KSP, I joined for that game but when I had watched that I started watching prison architect and I may start watching surviving mars when Ive watched season 2.

  2. I think what you said about people subscribing for games and not the person running the channel can be true, but is largely only true for smaller channels such as yourself. When you have big channels such as Markiplier, Pewdiepie, etc. they have reached a point where people simply watch them for their personalities, rather than the games they play. I guess that would be the ultimate goal there, to get your personality out there as something people gravitate towards.

  3. Charlie, what do you think of trying Fortnite Battle Royale? I have been playing for about a month now. If you live streamed it I might just have to get used to twitch XD

  4. Great video. Love your transparency, love your personality and although I'm a new sub I've been really enjoying your videos. Keep up the great work and especially keep trying new games — I love the variety and often find new games I'd like to play by watching you

  5. Just a question regarding KSP: When are those videos coming? I dont want to be unpatient but I just wonder, you sounded like they were coming back to youtube.

  6. For those seeing this now, know that I totally responded to every comment here – but YT has since deleted ALL of my comments SITE WIDE now that I've rebranded the channel, and changed the URL of the channel. For that reason, every single video shows no comments from HotTips! anymore – even though I did reply. Hopefully those in conversation saw the replies when they were left. – In the meantime, I'm hard at work now finalizing the rebranding, and getting back to finishing the projects that are left unfinished so far. – Regular uploads will return when my schedule (and the metaphorical dust from this work) settles.

  7. I can't relate more to what you've said here. I have always tried to make my videos have higher quality than the majority of the competition on YouTube. However, I feel like the way I have uploaded certain games over certain time periods has made my view counter dwindle and my channel is filled with over 90% "dead subs". I was always determined from the start but recently I have gained only a few subs over the course of months while putting out high quality streams and videos. Like you my end goal is to really make a living on YouTube, however the small gains have been really tough to overcome. Has there been any breakthrough for you? Have you been able to overcome this problem? Is Twitch a better place than YouTube? Anyways I hope that things have been better for you on the channel and I hope to see more of your top notch content πŸ™‚

  8. I understand why you drifted away from KSP. I understand it's a lot of work and that you don't want to be a one-game content creator. I do wish though that you'd make one once in a while though. I really enjoy your channel and I enjoy your KSP videos. I hope you'll consider making more.

  9. I am more the exception. I found your channel via search for ksp, proceeded to binge watch all 101 episodes in a week, now that I am done I fully plan to binge Prison Architect. I generally don't use the recommended page on my ps3, I had to open this video on my phone because ps3 doesn't do anything but watch btw, I will however use the subscribed channels view to watch stuff. Also, the subscribed channels page on ps3 is amazingly useful. I hate notifications on the other hand, I get sensory overloaded very easily and only critical things to my life get to do things like push notifications and ps3 doesn't in so far as I know have a notification reading system.

    I ramble, but it is what it is. I hope you see this, hope you know I love your content and will be in and out as my adhd allows.


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