PC Cooling Problems, A New Radiator, CPU Delid? Quick Vlog with me talking at a camera

Have a little pc issue. – also might intentionally void my CPU warranty to get better thermals. What do you think of this vlog? Do people actually read this area anyways? What is the meaning of life?

I’m sure I’ll answer none of these questions in this video.

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  1. If you want to reduce the noise then invest a little in some noctua fans.
    They're in bland brown and beige colours but only BeQuiet is close.

    For planning a delid have a look at the Der8auer Delid Diemate 2 – it makes the delidding SO easy – just put it in and wind an alan key until it pops the seal, then scraped the silicone adhesive off with a sharp craft knife.

    Just make sure to get some nail varnish to paint on before the LM – It acts as an insulating layer to stop the liquid metal going on the small caps around the die.

    As a final thing with 8 core I7 and I9 in 9th gen intel cpu's coming they are going back to soldered IHS work.

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