LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! – Academia School Simulator Gameplay – 03 – Let’s Play

Let’s Play Academia School Simulator – 03: Fresh Fish Academy is our school in Academia School Simulator, a game where we are the architects of a school, and all the futures growing within it. Oh boy!
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  1. Awesome! Just a few small tips, no spoilers : ). The faculty lounge is used by teachers to rest, the staff lounge by the rest of the staff (don't know about the principle though). If i remember correctly the freshman students also have a zone for PE (unless they changed it) it has no research or objects just a field for them to use for exercise. You probably already saw this but the reports button at the bottom right had a lot of information on random things, don't remember which though.

  2. Jarvis and Roxanne, still a better love story than twilight. 😍🥰

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    Although, met my wife when she was 12 and I was 14. Didn’t date until we were 18 and 20. We are that exception because we had good guidance from trusted family who loved us. We’re happily married with 4 kids now.

  3. I had one relationship with a girl who meant the world to me right out of high school, I didn’t date in school mainly because I thought it was too superficial, and like you said you don’t really know yourself. I met this girl close to the end of my senior year and a few months after I graduated we got together and it was, without exaggeration the happiest time of my life. Unfortunately it ended and only three months after she left me she told me that she was already a month pregnant. It absolutely destroyed me because she didn’t waste anytime getting together with some other dude, I guess I just felt more for her than she did for me.The sad thing is I still feel very strongly for her, hell I was even ready to raise the kid if she asked. That’s my only love and heartbreak story summarized 😅 I know it’s lame


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