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If you’d like to see the playlist for the series, to check it out for yourself:

Been thinking about this for a long time, and it’s now down to having to make a decision. Please also keep in mind that, if we choose not to start it back up again, I can/may still do other KSP projects too. Today’s Patron Vlog has some context too (this one has been made public):

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  1. Honestly I'm only interested in and have only watched your KSP videos. Plus I usually only watch ship building and pay attention to shop design in those videos. That's just me.

  2. Conquering KSP is how I found this channel.

    I finished the playlist about 1 week ago, and I was getting ready to unsubscribe once I saw its been more than 1 year since the last episode.

  3. I wont lie, I am very very torn. On the one hand, 50% of time dedicated to one game for a variety channel like this is a lot. Of course KSP is also fairly popular, and only going to gain with the release of 2, so that could really be a boon. Plus it is a really ambitious lets play (though you can find some other good ones out there too) which is really good/cool and would be great to see completed. However at the same time that extra time could be used for a lot of other things too which may be better as quick turnaround can be important in things too.

    Let me ask this though, how are you planning to continue Conquering KSP if you do? Will you use the same save/mod/game version or try to bring it more up to date, maybe pare down the mod list slightly, etc?
    To be perfectly honest, I think if you are not going to update it to the latest game version it isn't worth it. I think you "ended" on like version 1.2 or 1.3? There about? There have been so many improvement in stability, mod support, high part count craft performance, etc since then I think would really benefit the playing and editing of this series for you. I'm sure that it would still take awhile to play, edit, etc, and then of course to bring it current you'd probably have to spend some time remaking the save (again…) or just start fresh with a slightly reduced/changed challenge (like skip the moons, only do 1 moon per "system", etc) all of which is more things to consider if you do.

  4. Hi unable to take the poll, as said I had to be logged onto my computer not on mobile device, which is under repair. hopefully you will see this and add. You wanted the truth, well, sorry but I don’t like KSP, I’ve tried but it doesn’t do anything for me.

  5. Oh please continue it.
    With you going full time at this thing now you could release an episode a month. Or if you feel you've lost most of the people from the original series because of the time constraints upon you to produce such a detailed walkthrough.
    To date I've never seen another series that made such an honest attempt at conquering KSP in a realistic way. I have watched the series twice and love it.
    However if you feel that you could start a new KSP series where you explore and have fun, do challenges and make your bases. All sorts to explore… I for one would be interested in the Pryor Interstellar approach. Even reach out and collab with Matt Lowne and Marcus House.
    I enjoy detailed builds but would be happy for the brainstorming idea to also come into play again. By which I mean, you produce a shorter, highly edited video where the builds and travel times are cut out but you can still tell your story and keep the videos nice and short. However with those like I who love watching you build and figure out how you will approach your builds with all the issues that are involved. Could all get cut out the mail story and posted separately.

    Just a humble honest view… Whatever you decide I will watch all KSP videos for sure.

  6. KSP is what bought me to your channel. Found some other great games through you as well, just purchased surviving aftermath through your link. I know ksp is very time consuming but I've not seen anyone else attempt what you're trying so would be cool to see you continue & finish the series.


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