About Me - Charlie Pryor

(The following is my old “About Me” section of my personal blog, which my media content has now been merged into. This domain has taken many forms over the years, and my personal blog used to be a vent of personal expression and self discovery. I’ve preserved most of this page, which was originally typed out in 2009, amended in 2012, and then revised and added to again in mid-2013, so that I can remember a bit about myself, and who I was, and sought to be. This page is a reminder of the past more than the present. Nostalgia; and through it but a glimpse into myself)

Driven, Without Direction:

I simply love life, but have no idea where it is taking me most of the time. I’m usually pursuing so many different projects and ideas all at once, not knowing if any of them will be the success I’d like them to be. I know I can succeed at overcoming whatever challenge comes my way, and there are many times when I get down on myself. There are tough times in everyone’s life, and we are defined not by those problems, but how we come to face them and triumph over them. I hold absolutely no political affiliation, although I do fulfill my duties as a citizen by voting. Both sides can be right, and wrong. I change my mind often, especially with new information. I don’t fully know who I am, but I see myself as a natural leader that knows when to step in and take control, and most importantly, when it’s time to get out of the way and follow. Bottom line, I will get things done, and they will be up to my standards. Other than that I’m just an all around nice guy that loves to have fun.

Got a lot of friends, very few enemies. I work hard, but take breaks and relax every now and then to maintain my quota of happiness. I’m a technology fanatic, often stopping to read an article that pushed itself in front of me on my iPhone. I’m an Apple fan, and I created a help site called HotTips! on facebook [link removed], and own and operate a technology-based blog [link removed] which represents the help page online. I also created BaconMeals.com [link removed, site no longer exists], which mostly started as a joke and has now escalated into my second-most visited website. I guess people love recipes and jokes. I’m a filmmaker and media producer that graduated from Grand Valley State University, and throughout my time in college I’ve come to the conclusion that the university hasn’t instructed me on facts, and taught me what to think, but rather, the experience of secondary education has taught me “how” to think, and how to solve problems. It was never about whether those molecules in chemistry make up something cool… it was always about testing to find out what it made, and learning how to process information from the experiences you have. Whether it’s writing, blogging, filmmaking, or simply hanging out with friends and family, no opportunities to do something better should be missed. I’m an entrepreneur. I founded Pryor Media, a division of HotTips! LLC which is the entity in which manages my web-based presence, as well as my videography and photography front.

I’m always up for more projects, and new challenges that will allow me to expand my knowledge and grow as a professional. I’m an artistic individual that doesn’t like clocking in and out of a nine-to-five job, and believes my skills far surpass half of the people who are making more than him every day. I’ve never quite figured out how to sell myself, and I’m often way under paid for what I do because of it. I’m a worker, and I work hard. Perhaps not as hard as some, I admit, but hard nevertheless. I believe people should work to have everything they want in life, but that they don’t necessarily have to work all the time in order to get some of them. If two paths lead to exactly the same point, why not choose the easiest? I’m outgoing and fun I believe, and I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family, and without a single doubt the most wonderful wife I could have ever dreamed of. There is no way to define just how “complete” I feel with her by my side. I’m trying my best to make her happy, and after visiting her home country of Vietnam in the summer of 2011, and then again in 2013 for our second wedding, I know I’ve found someone truly special, and I’ve learned so much about who she really is because of it. I look forward to spending the rest of my life getting to know her better. I also enjoy traveling, and blogging about my travels. My latest project (my biggest one to date) involves a story of international scope, potentially a rare story that could influence history, and sports teams from around the United States and Cuba. You can find updates about “the Cuba Project” as I keep calling it (it has no official name yet) by clicking the Cuba updates link in the menu above [link removed. Instead you can visit lessonindiplomacy.com to see how that project turned out]. This blog, which is completely separate from my other sites [now it’s all merged into one], is someplace I love more than anything. It’s the place where I can take off the mask, get away from the public appearance that I have to have in the business and technology-crowd, and talk about whatever I want.

I love telling stories, and the articles you see here will reflect that. I also have a video-blogging element, which is new, and allows me to put more feeling into my stories. I like living the more public lifestyle, and love telling stories. If I could get a job telling stories to people around the world, I would be set for life as far as I’m concerned. I don’t hide much. I have publicly viewable profiles on all major social networks, including FACEBOOK [link removed], TWITTER, GOOGLE PLUS [link removed, RIP G+], and YouTube. If you want to follow me, please feel free to come say hi. Thank you for checking this out. I hope you’ll join me here often, but if you don’t want to… no hard feelings, we can easily still be friends.