How a Cheap 3-D Printer Can Replace Expensive Medical Equipment

On this episode of “Things I Learned Today,” I’m talking about the wonderful innovations that 3-D printers are bringing to the world every day. It’s a story about how a cheap 3-D printer can replace expensive medical equipment.

I saw an awesome news report today about a father who found a way to get his son a functioning hand without paying the $30,000 or so that the medical world wanted him to pay. With a little help from an inventor out of Washington State, Paul McCarthy was able to give his son Leon a fun $10 limb that is functional, and greatly improves his life. Best of all, it’s adaptable, customizable, and easily replaced if they break or he simply grows out of them.

While the cost of medical products and procedures are constantly going up and up (despite the technology behind them getting cheaper and cheaper), the “Do it yourself” world is busy circumventing the insanity of the medical world, by allowing average people to create their own alternatives that offer exceptional functionality, and may potentially be even safer. For just $10 worth of materials, and a 3-D printer, Paul is able to give his son a hand, for the rest of his life, without having to drag his family into debt in order to do it..

Check out the original video by CBS News to find out more. Also, remember to tell me what you learned in the comments area below, and if you enjoyed the program, share this story with your friends!

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Charlie Pryor

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