Kerbal Space Program [1.2.2] – Ep 99 – LANDING ON DUNA! – Let’s Play

Conquering Kerbal Space Program EPISODE 99: In this episode, our special and super-secret package has made it to Duna, and now we’re going to land on the surface! What’s inside? Find out today! SUPPORT Charlie ——————————– Support Charlie on Patreon and help Charlie make more videos! Check it out for monthly perks: patreon.com/charliepryor Ad-blockers stunt […]

Kerbal Space Program [1.2.2] – Ep 98 – Duna Satellite Network With RemoteTech – Let’s Play

Conquering Kerbal Space Program EPISODE 98: In this episode, we’re creating the Duna SOI network using satellites with RemoteTech. After all that’s done, we’re getting our manufacturing up on Minmus, which will now complete our Minmus base! Yay! ——————————– SUPPORT Charlie – GET PERKS! patreon.com/charliepryor Today’s GAME BUNDLES! goo.gl/VLpQTT Check DISCORD! discord.gg/FcEVHKq Charlie on Twitch: […]