In It For the Long Haul: College Doesn't Always Teach You Things…

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For most career paths that don’t involve heavy math (like computer programming, physics, accounting, or even architecture), absolute critical thinking and analysis (such as a Geologist, Anthropologist, or other research type professionals), or the careers I mentioned earlier where you need a license to “practice” it (and, if you don’t learn everything in school, you end up killing somebody), a four year degree is not something you need, and I cant honestly say I advocate for pursuing it anymore. Wanna run a business? Get started after your local community college equips you with all the required skills after a short  years. As for my education, this is exactly where I should have gone… I should have went 2 years at a community college, and then went off to do my own thing. It really didn’t look like the smartest move at the time, but it sure feels like it today. Of course, there are benefits to how my life played out, and for those things, I’m satisfied. If I knew how everything besides school would have turned out 2 years ago, I would have likely done almost everything exactly the same anyways, just to allow them all to happen again. This is especially true about most of the people I’ve met in the last 2 years. Of course, nobody will ever know if I would have met these people anyways, regardless of my educational decisions. I feel more and more like I should have just finished my Associates in Business Management, and then just started making films, short videos, commercials, promo videos, etc. It’s, to date, my second highest source of income, and that’s only because I’m in school, and only have time for the 20 hour per week work routine. More and more I want to leave GVSU, and just start doing my own thing. Forget the rules of the system, and branch out to what I want to do. If you look through history, the greatest people were those who didn’t follow the normal ways of society, moving forward with their dreams and pursuing their goals beyond what was expected. Many of them, throwing out Steve Jobs as an example, just dropped out of school all together. He also, before leaving for good, dropped in and attended classes that he wanted to attend, just to learn. He didn’t receive credit for it or anything, but that’s okay, because he’s made some pretty cool things so far, right?   Why don’t I just drop in on classes that I want to learn, and forget the useless garbage that the University requires that I take. It’s only a requirement so that they can get money. Period. It’s not about “giving students the best overall education.” That’s bull. It’s about money, and they’ve been making it cost more and more for way too long, and way too far…. getting off topic now though. 😛 All I’m saying though, is that I don’t feel college was worth the squeeze. If it had cost less, cool, but it cost tens of thousands, and that’s too much for the benefits I’ll receive. My entire life, from the time I graduate (cause I feel like I have to finish at this point), will be all about me. It won’t be working for another person all the time, and it certainly won’t be about punching in and out of a stupid time clock. My lifestyle will be completely generated by me, and that’s awesome as far as I’m concerned, and I’m up to the challenge. Sure it’s scary, especially knowing that 90% of the skills I’ll be using in my life, weren’t obtained, or even improved in some cases, by going to college, but by the experiences I’ve lived through, and will continue to live and grow from. It’s like buying a car you though would solve all your problems, only to find out it’s a lemon. Still spent the money, and I still have the car… but is it really helping me any? – I doubt it. Still, I will find a way to get to work, and get back home, even with that car sitting in the driveway. [charliead]]]>

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