Riding On Trains Is Pretty Cool!

I didn’t get the ticket punched into any cool designs or anything though. Oh well.

The part that was coolest about the train though, was how smooth the beginning was. I didn’t even know the thing was moving until we sat down and looked out the window. I mean, when it finally did get up to it’s top speed and everything, it was still a bit of a shifting and bumping ride, but nothing like the bus. The train is easily the better way to travel on the ground, and it’s cool to experience.   We’ve made a couple stops in some places so far. I had no idea how many train stations there were here. Something in my brain told me trains were a dying breed. I really hope not. Still, it was pretty neat to see just how many roads we actually cross in one trip, and how many people we had to stop during the trip. I suppose, with as many roads that we crossed, cars getting hit by trains is actually quite a real threat today. Remember to pay attention to the warning signs, and look before you cross guys! We’ll be arriving in Chicago in about two hours… Gonna be awesome.. I’ll keep ya posted!]]>

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