Waking Up Late in Vietnam

Woke up at 7:15am this morning. Nobody was really here, except Hang’s grandparents sitting outside doing whatever they do. Hang’s father was just pulling into the street for work when I woke up, but I couldn’t really see anybody else at home.

The people here wake up super early. I’m talking 5:30am or earlier in some cases. They go to bed around 10:00 or sometimes 10:30, and always wake up very early. Hang woke me up once at 6:30am, and I pretty much said “Hey, I sorta wanna sleep a bit more, thanks” and went back to bed. I woke up at 8:30am that day, and everybody was still here. Nobody seemed to really care too much if the lazy American man slept in on a Saturday. UPDATED: I wasn’t the only one though. Turns out, Hang and Tuan both slept in as well! HA! [charliead]]]>

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  1. And a real bed to sleep in!! Someone told me you had to sleep on a mat on the floor. Probably one of Uncle Gary’s stories. I think there was one about having to go to the bathroom through a hole in the floor! Can you take a picture of the toilet? (if you have one)

    1. hahah! Actually we have a toilet much nicer than one found at my house! They aren’t entirely third world here, at least not those with any sort of financial comfort.


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