I'm Heading Back To Cuba To Capture That Powerful Story!

For those of you who didn’t know before, I traveled to Cuba in January to begin filming a documentary on GVSU’s baseball team traveling to Cuba. The school took the journey as part of Grand Valley State University’s programs which allow student athletes to travel abroad for athletic contests. This year, it was the baseball team’s turn, and Cuba has been a desired location for years.

The first time I went with them (all updates here), we traveled with a humanitarian organization called First Hand Aid, and during that time, players not only got to experience baseball in a country that lives and breathes their favorite sport, but also interacted with the Cuban people, and delivered equipment and medicine to those in need in the island country. The documentary had amazing progress during the 6 days we were there before, but only a small portion of the trip was spent with the humanitarian group. Within the 6 days, I spent only 3 hours with First Hand Aid, and I found that 3 hours of footage to be far more powerful and cinematic than anything I had captured with the baseball team. Immediately, I knew this story needed more depth, and a far more personal story for a broad audience. The film was aimed toward the journey of the baseball team. I know now that there is a completely different story building here, and it is too good to pass up. I convinced producers that there was more there to get, and that missing such an opportunity would be a terrible thing for the end result of our efforts. With a little discussion, and some tedious planning, I’m pleased to say that I’m going back to Cuba for 6 more days… this time, exclusively with First Hand Aid. The goal is quite simple: Capture a powerful story, and show the world what these people do every year for the less-fotunate citizens of the Republic of Cuba. Once again, we’ll be heading toward Toronto first to fly to Cuba, since the United States still has a stupid embargo, and we can’t fly out of the United States. We’ll leave Saturday June 23rd, and will fly back into Canada Sunday July 1st.


This film is going to be a great project, and we’re still struggling to properly fund the effort. If you are able to help in any way, please click the link below to learn more about how to help.

[button link=”https://charliepryor.net/donate-cuba/” size=”large”]HELP THIS FILM![/button]

If you aren’t able to, believe me, I understand how it is. You can still help us by spreading this link to your friends using the social media buttons on the left, or wishing us luck with a comment in the field below! Everything anybody decides to give is totally tax deductible, and goes toward a great cause. Thanks [charliead]]]>

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