GVSU In Cuba Interview #1 – Giancarlo Brugnoni After A Game

a little from me, few of you have heard anything from the players themselves. Even then, it’s often in a reflection of events that happened over a year ago. I’d like to change that a little. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing a series of videos that show players in the heat of the moment, reflecting on what they see as they go around Havana. This could be exclusive press interview footage (like what is shown above), or it could be something spoken or said about being in Havana, while they are right in the moment. It’s this type of commentary that I think everyone will find to be the most insightful. Be sure to keep yourselves on the lookout for more footage and stories to be shared about this trip, and about this documentary film as time goes on. Also, if you haven’t seen the preview for our film yet... CLICK HERE. If you can help us fund this project in any way, please contact me at [email protected] [charliead]  ]]>

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