The Cuba Journal – Publishing "In The Moment" Thoughts, Over A Year After They Happened.

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I will be making some aesthetic additions to the text though, such as adding photos to illustrate the points, and a video if applicable or needed. I also have several video blogs (vlogs) that I made while in my room as well, so those may also accompany the journal entries if they fit. Lastly, I’ll look to correct any spelling or grammar errors, but will refrain from removing any content that was there originally. I’m hoping that these written thoughts do a couple of things for the people who see this blog every week (which isn’t a lot… about 100 views per day average).
  1. I’m hoping to illustrate the importance of recording your thoughts and ideas down, even if they are never shared with anyone but yourself. You can learn so much from reading what you write, especially over a year after you write it. You will never remember anything perfectly, and depending on the person, you may forget things quickly. Writing solves that issue better than almost any other medium can.
  2. I’m hoping reading my experiences in Cuba will open your eyes to the world around us, outside the United States, and also give you insight into how the nation of Cuba isn’t all that different from our own country.
If I accomplish either of these, I’m happy. Thanks, and keep an eye out for more to come soon. [charliead]]]>

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