Here are the souvenirs for the "Vietnam Stuff Giveaway" at Charlie's Place

until the end of the month. Please READ and UNDERSTAND what to do to get qualified. There is a video embedded there as well which explains things visually without you needing to read much. [charliead] There are plenty of souvenirs to choose from here though, so at least the odds are good that you’ll win something if you manage to qualify by the end of this month (of course, the more people qualified, the less chances of winning). So, what’s available? Check out the video above to get details on each set of items, and view the image gallery with the button below to get a closer look at each item.

[button link=”″ size=”large”]SEE THE ITEMS[/button]

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  1. I believe I have followed all of the steps… I'm crossing my fingers anyway! My favorites are the turtle, the bracelet, and the jewelry box. Gorgeous Vietnam Stuff!


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