Technology Is Replacing Humans More Than You Know

C.G.P. Grey shows us, things aren’t just progressing more quickly than we know… They’ve already progressed more than we realize. Because robots are already able to learn things on their own, and perform any number of tasks that humans can. They don’t have to be build for a specific purpose either. – They are general purpose, and that’s likely going to scare the “human labor force” a bit. Does this mean we should try and stop this technology from being used, for the sake of saving jobs? Of course not – Our species has survived and thrived for so long for our ability to adapt, and that’s precisely what we’re doing here. Evolving and adapting to conditions that present itself. The increased production increases supply, and profits. No amount of picketing and complaining is going to stop that. – So prepare for the future, instead of trying to preserve the past ways. Past ways don’t work well enough anymore – that’s why they are in the past! Baxter, the robot in the example within the video above, isn’t the culmination and the outcome of technology in the workplace. It’s the beginning of the next step. Prepare your children for computer-centered jobs. Programming, specifically, as well as numerous other areas that will be thriving in the years to come. Yes, we will ALWAYS need construction. We will always need doctors, lawyers, plumbers, welders, and other various trades and specialties… at least, for a few more years. Those jobs are probably going out the door too in the future. Be prepared for a new phase of opportunity that revolves around technology, because the more technology becomes a part of our businesses, and the more value it has, the less value humans have.]]>

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