This Is the First Hacker To Hack the Human Body The best part about “Things I Learned Today” is the sharing element. It isn’t just about what I learned, but it’s about you as well! You can join in on the show by telling me what you learned today in the comments below! It’s fun. Join in. [charliead]]]>

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  1. You learn really big things Charlie Pryor!!!!! I just learned that a friend of mine has cancer, and that is just about all I can absorb today. However, I'll tune in everyday to CP, Things I learned Today, because I really enjoy it! Thanks Charlie.

  2. Strange. But I don't get how it actually works. I can understand how it might be able to read your pulse but your blood pressure? It doesn't look like it has leads into your arteries so, once again, I don't get how it works. And, no, I did not watch the video above. Maybe if I did it would explain a little more. Maybe later.
    I need to pay more attention to what I am learning throughout the day. Because I am sure I learned something but right now I can't remember what.


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